the people is taken into account, the situation will be different. Completely turned upside down again.

Yu Canghai knew clearly that the people of Qingcheng were no longer able to survive the fighting until today. Not to mention the casual monks, even the direct disciples of Qingcheng had been driven to the verge of collapse by the cruel killings like a meat grinder in the past six months. Another one In an all-out battle, many of Qingcheng’s troops would collapse and go crazy.
At the end of the strong crossbow, the force cannot penetrate Lu Zhen, it is said at this moment.
/But Zhu Peng’s side is just the opposite. After excluding the existence of death and combat attrition, the Huashan Sword Sect’s 800 swordsmen still have 400 available, and they are extremely skilled, sharp and fearless.
With Zhu Peng’s command, a single attack could defeat the remaining thousands of Qingcheng disciples, and the massacre that followed would inevitably be followed by Huashan’s casual cultivators. As mentioned above, Once the casual cultivators fight with the wind, their combat effectiveness is no worse than that of the regular army, and their brutality and ferocity are even greater. If they follow and slaughter them all the way, Yu Canghai knows very well that the remaining disciples of his will probably not even be able to enter the Qingcheng Mountain Gate in the end. If they go, they will be slaughtered.
“At the end of the fight, we still have to fight with that junior. Why have we worked so hard for the past six months?”
/Yu Canghai drew out his ancient pine-patterned sword and said to himself, while the fellow disciples and brothers who followed behind him could only bow their heads in shame. The world said that Qingcheng’s young lineage was weak in succession, but in fact, this phenomenon was not seen in Yu Canghai’s case. That generation has already started.
Qingcheng has accumulated hundreds of years, and has not experienced the chaos between the Sword and Qi sects like Huashan. There are many elders in the sect, but the brothers and sisters of the same generation as Yu Canghai are all characters who are soaring and building foundations. To achieve success based solely on time and longevity, there is no one even remotely close to Yu Canghai, let alone compared to him.
Yu Canghai is a peak Buxu person who dares to compete with a real person in the Golden Core Realm, but none of his brothers and sisters of the same generation can reach the peak level.
It was precisely because of the accumulated illnesses of these two generations that Yu Canghai came up with the idea of ??the Fuwei Lin family’s evil-repelling sword technique, in order to improve the Qingcheng inheritance technique so that it could flourish in the future. If not, there would be no more. This scene of murder and robbery in front of me was atrocious.
“Kill, kill, kill, kill.”
The sword was emptied, and people were flying wildly in the sky. Lin Pingzhi’s eyes were scarlet and he was completely crazy. He was only capable of soaring, but the Huashan Sword Te