led by Su Wenshe. It can fight almost three times more incoming enemies.” After saying this, Mo Xiu, whose face was a little bloodshot and red, took a deep breath. It seemed that he greatly respected and admired Su Wenshe, the representative of the Su family.

“The current situation is like this. The outcome of the entire battle depends entirely on the fierce offensive of the alliance of the three clans to break through the Eastern Qinglong Altar hosted by Su Wenshe first. Or is it sent by our group of clans? The ‘venomous snake’ is sharp and bites off their logistics roots first.”
Looking at Li Yan’s originally pale face, there was a slight blush, and Chang Xiao’s palm holding the knife was trembling slightly. Mo Xiu knew that his words of encouragement had had an excellent effect, and he was not in vain. Last night I recited to my wife for half the night at home.
Now that the psychological morale has been boosted, the next step should be material compensation. Otherwise, the temporary enthusiasm will be too easy to cool down, and there will not be enough benefits. How many people are willing to fight for their families without any regrets?
“Elder Su has issued an order. All the monks who participate in this mission will receive a B-level mission record and 3,000 points of family contribution when they return to the family in the future. The monks who have made great achievements in the mission can get An A-level mission record and 5,000 points of family devotion. And behind the enemy’s rear, for every enemy monk killed, the family devotion obtained will be increased by half.”
As soon as these words came out, the expressions of Li Yan and Chang Xiao completely calmed down, and no trace of reluctance could be seen anymore, but there was a faint burning fire in their eyes, especially those of Chang Xiao and Zhu Peng. Judging from his posture and enthusiasm, it seemed that he wanted to immediately rush into the enemy’s rear and kill the enemy monks.
Chapter 140 Purple Soul Eye Power, Third Eye Opening
Family mission records and family contribution are both methods used by the Blood clan to reward and measure the family’s frontline monks.
Normally, you can get 200 family devotion points by killing a hostile monk and lower-level spiritual master on the battlefield. You can get 500 family devotion points by killing a hostile mid-level demon mage. Kill three and get a D-level mission record.
/If you kill a hostile superior demon-subduing master, you will be rewarded with 1,000 points of family dedication and a C-level mission record. If you can kill a hostile elite Dang Tianren, you will be rewarded with 2,000 points of family dedication and a B-level mission record. Killing a hostile sect immortal master will reward you with 5,000 points of family dedication and an A-level mission record.
Family contributions and mission records at all levels can be used to exchange for various cultivation resources within the family. This charter has only emerged in recent years. It is said that Zhu Yun, the elder of the Zhu fam