r was completed to the last step. With the completion of the construction of the entire formation, the person in charge or the person in charge, Zhu Peng, slowly activated the entire formation. The dense purple aura circulated endlessly. Almost all the senior officials of Blood Soul Ridge who were present were just relaxing happily. The next moment , there is no vision whatsoever.

It took more than a year and countless investments. Under Zhu Peng’s control, the Ziyuan Immortal Array was connected to almost the entire family’s resource chain. Except for the slight fuss when it was just running, it seemed that there was no big reaction. No.
“Peng’er, you’d better give a good explanation to everyone present. Otherwise, I’m afraid I won’t be able to protect you.” Looking at the faint purple light that was still slowly flowing lazily in the eyes of everyone. , Zhu Yun’s words.
To be honest, at this moment, Zhu Peng was also feeling guilty. It was true that the Ziyuan Immortal Formation was a top-notch formation, and his own silence was absolutely correct. But Zhu Peng could not guarantee whether the interpretation and formation method of the Zhu Family Formation Master was correct. After all, the knowledge and power contained in the formation diagram exceeded the old man’s cognition. I am afraid that it would be more than enough for two or three centuries.
“My, my, my day.”
/Just when Zhu Peng uttered the third word “I”, the faint purple energy finally circulated throughout the formation. The next moment, the construction of the grand formation was fully completed, and the purple light burst into the night, erupting like a volcano. The white clouds came from the east, and under the reflection or washing of the bright purple fire, they all turned into a dazzling and magnificent one. Purple.
“Purple energy, purple energy is coming from the east. This is a sign that purple energy is coming from the east.” The old man who set up this formation and looked like a sick chicken just now, now seemed to be suffering from the British mad cow disease, jumping around and pointing as hard as he could. , yelling like a child.
/In fact, there is no need for him to shout. No one except the blind man can see the dazzling and luxurious purple clouds above his head. No one can’t see the majestic purple clouds rising into the night. Classical Taoism, when the purple clouds come from the east, a saint is coming. Although it is not said that when the purple energy reaches the east, a saint will inevitably emerge from the Blood Soul Ridge, but at least one thing is certain, this is a good omen in the sky caused by the formation in front of him, a sign of good fortune.
The brilliant aura of the formation even spread to all directions, covering the entire Blood Soul Ridge with a radius of more than a hundred miles in a light purple aura. When the formation was first formed, it triggered changes in the sky and purple energy came from the east. The radiant spiritual energy covered the world for three hundred miles. During this period, the cult