still a little confused. He escaped death so easily?

Chapter 38: Two Hundred Years of Life
Or maybe that expert was just passing by and might not be from Qi Mansion, otherwise why would he stop?
/Zhan Li also slowly put away the other golden paperweight in his hand. It was his trump card. If he couldn’t, he might hope to fight with the opponent by inviting the power of ghosts and gods into his body.
/His eyes changed gloomily, and he glanced in the direction of the Qi family for a moment.
Now that his mission has failed, he can only go back to resume his life and wait for the next mission.
There is something gloomy in his eyes!
In the back house of the main house, when Qi Yuxian brought the iron jar he found to see Qi Yi and Taoist Tianxu, he quickly solved the nightmare technique that Zhou had used.
Although this Nightmare Town technique is weird and vicious, it is not difficult to unlock it as long as you find the Nightmare Town object.
Mrs. Zhang was taken down by Qi Yi and locked up, preparing for detailed interrogation.
Qi Yuxian did not conceal many of the reasons for this and informed Qi Yi one by one!
At the door of the main room, Qi Yi and Tianxu Laodao left the back house side by side.
“Old friend, in your opinion, who helped my Qi family repel the foreign enemy this time?”
Qi Yi looked at Mr. Tianxu with his eyes.
After Qi Yuxian expressed his suspicions, Qi Yi also expressed his approval. The possibility of discovering by chance that Mrs. Zhang had buried the things in Nightmare Town at this juncture was extremely slim.
How could it be such a coincidence that we could discover the key at this juncture?
And those crossbow arrows!
He thought to himself that if it weren’t for the help of an expert this time, the Qi family might not be able to save the Qi Zhou family so easily.
Taoist Tianxu shook his head.
“Fengyang County has always had outstanding people. Maybe some passing master couldn’t stand what the man in the dark did and helped the Qi family!”
Taoist Tianxu was also surprised that when other masters came to the Qi family, he could not detect it with his spiritual sense.
This shows that the human being in the dark may not be inferior to him!
Qi Yi sighed secretly: “It can be said that Ji Ren has his own destiny, and he passed the test by luck. It’s a pity that he can’t meet that expert and form a good relationship with him!”
Fengyang County is in a storm, and the Qi family is in turmoil at this time. If there is a strong person in charge, it will undoubtedly have more autonomy.
Fortunately, nothing happened to the Zhou family this time. Otherwise, the Qi family would not only have to face the squeeze from several forces in Fengyang County, but also face the accusations from the Marquis of Dingyuan.
The two of them counted some of the experts in the county, but found nothing.
After Zhang Jian issued the personal card, he stayed at the place where he stayed, quietly accumulating spiritual power in his body.
The practice in the spiritual cultivation stage requires him to continu