gzhou Fertile Land, especially after there is a Yuanshen monk who follows the path of the Holy King. , will inevitably affect the interests of many outsider sects.

It’s just that this time is different from more than ten years ago.
/Daqian Refining Junwang Jinren wanted to follow the path of the Holy King and form the Holy King family. Although it was powerful, many Huawai sects still had no fear.
Because Da Qian only has the support of a few Huawai sects.
The Dongshen Temple is strong if it is strong, but the only one who is strong is the Dongshen Cult Ancestor.
Moreover, the dragon’s veins are broken and the dragon’s soul collapses.
This is equivalent to losing the biggest talisman of the dynasty.
The destiny has been lost, and disaster will come to destroy the dynasty.
But the Daxia in front of him was different. Not only was the Daxia emperor tyrannical and his dragon veins steady, but behind him was the ‘label’ of Tongshan Taoism.
Kiriyama Dao Tradition is not an explicit sect, but the prestige of its Holy King Dao Tradition still exists.
Not to mention the rumors that Tongshan Taoism also has a ‘backstage’ in the heaven. Many large sects, such as the Shangqing Sword Sect, and the Five Elements Immortal Sect, although they intend to intervene, most of the sects are wary and unwilling to take action, but they can only watch. Daxia encroached on Dongzhou.
Outside Dongzhou, in a magnificent Taoist temple, Demon-Slaying True Monarch sat here. In front of him was Taoist Jueming who left with him. The two of them sat opposite each other and occasionally talked about Taoism, which was quite enjoyable.
At this moment, a stream of light broke through the sky and was captured by Jueming Taoist.
After browsing for a while, Master Jueming handed it over to the Demon-Slaying Lord.
“Junior Sister Demon Slayer, are you relieved now?”
Jueming Taoist stroked his beard slightly, with a smile on his face.
News came from Tongshan Taoism. As several elders of the sect spread their influence, the Five Elements Immortal Seed, Shangqing Sword Sect, and several demon sects finally gave up their plans to support Beichu and compete with Daxia. This was regarded as acquiescence. Daxia annexed Northern Chu.
This is undoubtedly good news.
Not only for Daxia, but also for Tongshan Taoism.
The Demon-Slaying Lord snorted softly.
“Assuming these guys know what’s going on, I wouldn’t mind killing them!”
There was a hint of chill between her brows, and she said again immediately.
“Headmaster, our Tongshan Taoism has been dormant for too long. If we don’t move anymore, these Immortal Sect Taoism will think that our Tongshan Taoism is some soft persimmon. A few ‘small sects’ dare to challenge us. If we change Thousands of years ago, our Tongshan Taoist Order expanded whenever we wanted, so how many senior brothers do we need to come forward to divide them?”
Taoist Jueming glanced at Zhen Jundao.
/“The secluded world of the Immortal Sect is temporary. The secluded world is just to digest the benefits obtained, so that the discip