er things, and there is no need to worry!”

He walked directly out of Jingtai Hall.
In the rows of candlelight, Emperor Qiyuan was slightly absent-minded. He looked at Zhang Jian’s retreating figure, his figure swaying in the candlelight. He felt a chill blowing over him in an instant, which made him involuntarily close the black red clothes on his body. Intertwined dragon robes.
There were several other small Huangmen next to them with calm expressions, just lowering their heads in extremely submissive manner.
When Zhang Jian walked out of the palace, Zhang Lu trotted up behind him.
/“My lord, it has been taken care of!”
At this time, his figure appeared next to Zhang Jian, winking a little, but there was still a faint evil spirit in his eyes that had not dissipated.
The fate behind him was now condensed into a star like a white tiger with wings, and his domineering eyes were filled with red light.
Zhang Jian’s expression remained unchanged and he just said calmly.
“Continue to investigate and keep an eye on those clan members. His Majesty has changed a lot recently. He is older and it is inevitable that he will have many ideas!”
Hearing this, Zhang Lu frowned.
Immediately, Zhang Jian glanced at Zhang Lu and asked:
“Alu, you have now entered the stage of heaven and humanity, and the next step is the realm of land immortals and demons. During this period, you can come to my mansion every morning, and I will explain the body refining method to you every morning in the mansion!”
Zhang Jian said that he is worthy of you, and naturally it is not just Zhang Lu.
There are also many warriors from general families.
Zhang Jian is also using this method to cultivate the wings of the Zhang family.
“Body refining method?”
Zhang Lu’s eyes moved, and he was a little surprised.
Zhang Jian said casually:
“The body refining method is the body training martial arts, or the internal martial arts. In ancient times, the body refining method was rampant in some areas. Their bodies were so powerful that they could even cross the sky and shatter the void. They were not inferior to any ancient gods and demons, and even in the end Can become the body of a divine beast, or the body of a god or demon!”
Hearing this, Zhang Lu’s eyes lit up, and he immediately cupped his fists and said.
“Thank you, Lord!”
After a slight pause, Zhang Lu suddenly asked: “Master, does the secret method of astrological martial arts still have a future?”
Zhang Jian glanced at Zhang Lu.
The potential of the astrological martial arts jointly created by Xingxiu Palace and Dongshen Temple is huge, but with the fall of the masters of Zhenguo in Dongshenguan and the heavy losses of Zhenguo Zhenren of Xingxiu Palace, the research has come to an abrupt end.
This is extremely unfortunate.
Zhang Jian also deliberately wanted to perfect this way.
Among his four emperors’ destiny, one is the Ziwei Emperor’s destiny.
Emperor Ziwei was born to be protected by stars!
The more civil and military ministers in the dynasty who have astrological destiny, the gr