cene with indifferent eyes. Although the Sky-reaching Wood Spirit Vine was non-toxic, the passion secreted by it had the power to paralyze the soul, and it was extremely tough.

The next unlucky one was the two-headed moon wolf.
/The two wolf heads of this double-headed moon wolf each control a special power of law, one is ice and the other is fire, but it failed to change its own destiny.
/After Zhenjun Zhenjun eliminated the Nine Nether Black Wolf, he targeted him with purpose. His body was only slightly close to him, and the pale green Tongtianmu spirit vine turned into a cage, trapping him. The huge power of the spirit vine completely crushed its internal organs into minced meat.
After all, True Lord Bauhinia is the True Lord of Yuanshen who has experienced hundreds of battles. He knows very well that if he single-handedly targets any demon god with his current combat power, that demon god will only have one end.
He was not in a hurry, and took advantage of True Lord Zhuxing and Fairy Taiyin to hold off the others and completely eliminate these demon gods one by one.
However, his killing method of defeating each other made other demon gods feel a chill.
At this time, in the corner, a fox girl in red looked at the leading woman in yellow. Her face changed drastically, and she was already retreating.
“Sister, let’s get out of here. They are too strong. If this continues, we will all die in their hands!”
They had been through the tribulation several times, but they never imagined that they would encounter such an iron plate.
At this time, the fox girl in yellow nodded slightly.
“That True Lord Bauhinia, we are old acquaintances. I didn’t expect Dao Xing to be so tyrannical. It’s beyond expectation!”
“There is also the person above me. This person has never made a move. I feel that this person is even more terrifying. If this person makes a move, none of us will be able to escape!”
The three banshees looked at each other, and their bodies instantly transformed into three streams of light, and they rushed towards the void.
Their speed of escaping light was extremely fast, just like three starlights streaking across the sky, their speed was extremely fast.
This behavior of the three demons of Tianhu Palace caught the eyes of other demon gods, which made other demon gods change their expressions and couldn’t help but want to curse.
“Can you escape?”
When Zhang Jian saw this scene, he just smiled slightly, and nine-colored light appeared in the depths of his eyes. He had already laid out a map of mountains and rivers around him, and none of these demons and gods could escape.
As far as his eyes could see, the three streams of light instantly fell into the depths of the void, but they crashed into the depths of the Mountains, Rivers and State Map, and instantly became his prisoner.
At this time, Zhang Jian no longer had the interest to sit back and watch the battle, and said calmly.
“Two martial uncles, it’s up to me to take action. Let’s fight quickly and return to the sect as soon as possible!”
As he r