Peng’s heart. The trembling look on his face was as if he was constantly reminding Zhu Peng: “I am your enemy, I am Your prisoner of war, come and kill me”.

Chapter 544 Beimang Liu Family, Yin Spirit Ghost Body
On the contrary, the more he behaves indifferently to Yun Qingfeng, the less likely it is to arouse Zhu Peng’s thoughts. However, Yujing Sanren believes that as long as he has time and benefits, even if he cannot become a friend of the man in front of him, he can You will never become his enemy easily.
Although the Bloodline lineage failed to reach the highest level of the True Spirit Alliance, it was not because of the lack of high-end power, but because the family had few strong players who could hold up the scene except for the three Bloodline elders. , and compared with the top thirteen powerful clans, the Qinwangling where the Blood Clan is located is really not a high-class base worth boasting about, and is a negative item in the overall score. But, even so, this family is still a very high-ranking and famous family in the second class, not to mention that at this moment, there is such a new generation of freaks.
Jade Mirror Sanren looked at Zhu Peng who was bowing his head and thinking so hard. However, at this moment, Zhu Peng asked questions. “Hey, wait a minute, among the top thirteen true spirit families, why does the Liu family of Beiman Mountain exist?” At this point, Zhu Peng raised his head and scanned the Jade Mirror Sanren up and down. After a while, he said honestly and politely: “I pride myself on having good eyesight, but no matter how I look, I can’t see where you have the tyrannical power of the true spirit.”
/In fact, what Zhu Peng said was a bit of a slap in the face. As a true spirit monk, especially a monk who has inherited the top true spirit bloodline, how many of them are not proud of the bloodline flowing in their bodies? This bloodline can be said to be the most powerful proof of the strength of our ancestors in ancient times. It continues to this day as a strength and glory that has been passed down for thousands of years.
Although some of the true spirit bloodlines are not the imprints left in their own bloodlines by powerful cultivators in ancient times, but are the abnormal powers accidentally created by the hybridization of human race, demon race and even other messy races, such as the four true spirits. Many monks of the ancient tribe generally believed that their human blood was impure and that they had demon blood flowing through them.
But when it is announced to the outside world, 80% of the true spirit monks will bite their own bloodline to death. This bloodline is the power left in the bloodline by powerful ancestors in ancient times. At least the bloodline lineage in “2012 Immortal (first)” Before the grand event of “Human Descends to Earth”, I actually didn’t know where the blood inheritance of the Third Eye in my body was. However, the Blood Soul Ridge lineage generally promoted that they had a close relationship with the ancient “Holy Manifestation of the Hol