ang family to uplift and ascend.

Now that hope is in front of him, Zhang Jian’s goal is not just to rise to the top, but also to target the previous ancient holy kings.
After the ancient saint kings of the past generations successfully ascended, they were still superiors even in the heaven, possessing decisive power.
And it can quickly achieve higher results.
Zhang Jian also hopes that he can achieve this step.
With his status as an innate emperor, if he proves his status as an ancient sage king, he will only do better!
Throughout the Great Xia Dynasty, many immortal cultivators could notice that the dragon energy and magic prohibition circulating around Dongzhou was becoming increasingly intense.
Under the heavy pressure of the Imperial Qi, many monks from outside the country could feel the majestic and domineering power of this force.
A year later, this magnificent dragon energy reached its peak.
On this day, nine great suns seemed to take shape inside and outside Haojing City.
Within the big sun, several large cauldrons can be seen faintly emerging. On top of the cauldron, there are many mountains, rivers, sun, moon and stars, each of which is daunting.
It seems to have the ability to suppress the universe.
In the Hanyuan Hall, a red copper-colored brilliance circulated around Zhang Jian. Above the dark sky, a red dragon swelled in a circle visible to the naked eye. Its sharp claws became more sharp, and a nine-claw shadow grew faintly.
Purple light appeared in the depths of Zhang Jian’s eyes, and there was a smile in his eyes.
Jiuding, the natal immortal treasure, was promoted to an immortal treasure in a short period of time after passing through countless imperial auras and dragon auras.
Although it is only a first-level immortal treasure.
But Zhang Jian was very satisfied.
This natal immortal treasure is a set of Jiuding, which is nine first-level immortal treasures.
The nine tripods combined into one are comparable to the second-level immortal treasure.
If Jiuding continues to be promoted, its power will become more and more powerful.
In addition to Jiuding, the Dragon Song Sword in Zhang Jian’s body at this time was also promoted to the first-level immortal treasure level not long ago.
As for continuing to advance, it will take time and effort, and Zhang Jian will need to re-forge some of the divine objects of heaven and earth into it.
Zhang Jian now has no shortage of ores at the divine level.
He has the heaven and earth divine stones with innate attributes!
After taking over the Three Saints Palace, the Great Xia Dynasty really had no shortage of treasures for a long time.
The promotion of Jiuding also means that the Great Xia Dynasty has initially accepted many major forces in Dongxuan China.
As for control, Zhang Jian believes that there is a long way to go.
However, as an innate god, the most important thing he lacks is time.
After accepting many forces from Dongxuan China, Zhang Jian was ready to start worshiping his ancestors.
/And it is reasonable to hold a grand ceremony