the evil king came up with a killing method that could be called “elegant”. He would spend his whole life with it. The unparalleled magical skill “Seal of Immortality” created was placed in front of Bi Xiuxin semi-openly, and then the righteous fairy read through this set of secret skills as a matter of course behind her husband’s back.

The “Seal of Immortality” integrates the essence of demons and Buddhas, and has endless wonderful ways to transform life and death. At that time, Bi Xiuxin had just given birth to a daughter and was in poor condition. As a result, she still relied on her cultivation to forcefully solve the “Seal of Immortality”, but the final result was a generation of The fairy’s blood ran out in the secret center of the magic power, and the oil ran out and the lamp dried up and died.
With such a terrifying lesson learned from the past, how could Zhu Peng dare to interpret “Iron Sha Yuan Magnetized Bite Hand” when he was in poor condition? This kind of secret skill does not mean that you can watch it if you want to, but don’t watch it if you don’t want to. For a strong practitioner, a set of secret skill that contains the subtleties of the endless Tao, once it catches the eye, you will want to pull out your eyeballs before finishing it. It was quite difficult to get out.
It is said that if you hear the Tao in the morning, you will die in the evening, regardless of whether you read it or not, this is what it means.
How many people have experienced the pain of having a unique skill but not being able to practice it for the time being? In desperation, Zhu Peng had no choice but to do something he enjoyed while recovering from his injuries.
/It was a night of flowers and candles in the bridal chamber of Nuo Da Wugong Hou’s mansion. Although there were not many guests, not even the elders in the high hall, Zhu Peng and Zhong Ling held various ceremonies according to the etiquette.
This is not a real wedding, so Zhu Peng even dismissed many of the attendants in his house. He and Zhong Ling had had a close relationship in the Purple Thunder Valley, and they were happy. After breaking through, they came to Xixia, Zhu Peng even wanted to go to the Valley of Ten Thousand Tribulations to propose marriage.
No matter how sincere she was, she was delayed in the end due to various reasons. Zhong Ling was an extremely docile girl, and after she had a relationship with Zhu Peng, she was completely obedient to him and never urged her once.
/But the more Zhong Ling didn’t say anything, the more Zhu Peng felt that she was being treated lightly. However, because of all the troubles, he could not leave the Valley of Ten Thousand Tribulations immediately. In desperation, Zhu Peng had to let Zhong Ling marry him first.
This time it is just a matter of naming and announcing Zhongling’s feelings, but it is not a true century-old gift. Although this move was a bit childish, even similar to playing house when he was young, when Zhu Peng said it, it made Zhong Ling unusually happy. Zhu Peng could not ignore the look in