The most important thing is the plaque of ‘House of Accumulating Good Deeds’ that the county government sent over a few days ago.
No matter how you look at it, the Zhang family is not the rich and unkind people described in the rumors.
Of course, what’s more important is that the Zhang family has also played the role of many bankers during this period, and many of them are good players. After weighing the gains and losses, many rangers have given up on some desperate ideas.
“Senior brother, I didn’t expect that a ‘dragon’ could be raised in such a small place?”
/On the second floor of the Jinyu Restaurant, there was a pair of golden boy-girl-like figures standing against the railing.
The man was dressed in green satin, holding a green blade, and had a slender figure.
The woman has a graceful figure, fair skin, and her face is covered by a veil. She looks very beautiful. Her voice is soft, soft and melodious.
It looks like they are a brother and a sister.
“‘Jiaolong’ is not really considered, but its power is indeed not small. I’m afraid it’s not weaker than those of those county noble families. The powerful in these places are always good at looking for opportunities!”
“I just don’t know if they can keep this wealth?”
The man looked indifferent and glanced in the direction of the Zhang family.
“The Zhang family can present the ‘Big Waterwheel Picture’ at this time, which will be of great merit to the country and the people. In this era, there are fewer and fewer powerful people with conscience. I hope they can pass this test!”
At this moment, the two senior brothers and sisters frowned. They looked down and saw several figures entering the Jinyu Restaurant. Those five figures each held Qimen weapons in their hands.
Each of these five figures has a strong aura, with a smell of iron and blood.
Those are five external training masters.
“The Five Heroes of the North!”
The senior brother and sister looked at each other with a solemn look in their eyes.
The Five Heroes of Beidi are famous body-building masters around Fengyang County. It’s not that they don’t have a foothold, but they are famous experts in the Sanhe Gang in Fengyang County. How could they end up in Fengxi County at this time?
In another elegant pavilion of Jinyu Restaurant, Zhang Jian was dressed in luxurious clothes and jade brocade, with a hair crown on his head and a jade-like face. Although he was not old, he had the air of a gentleman as spotless as jade. feel.
Today, he got rid of Zhang Lu and rarely entered Jinyu Restaurant for a few drinks.
Jinyu Restaurant is also famous in Fengxi County for its food and wine. Of course, more importantly, it has various entertainment facilities. It is a paradise for literati.
With his keen five senses, Zhang Jian noticed early that a group of knights had gathered in the restaurant. To his keen five senses, the energy of these people was like candlelight in the dark night.
After eating fire apricot, his five senses were particularly sharp, especially his eyes, which seemed to be able to see