Anything can happen unexpectedly.
The problem he faces now is how to solve this accident, finally survive this final catastrophe, and return to the present and ancient times.
Zhang Jian continued to use the third-grade innate spiritual treasure Qinglian to restore the injuries in Dao Lord’s body.
The Dao Lord’s body is very difficult to be injured. Once injured, it will take some time to recover.
At this time, Zhang Jian also secretly remembered the divine star king and the iron demon saint.
When there is a chance in the future, I will definitely give him a hard blow.
But after retreating, the name of the Earth Emperor and God Lord spread to a small extent in the wild world.
After all, there are not many immortal gods in the wild world who can escape from the hands of the Iron Demon Saint.
/Of course, in addition to this, there is also a considerable amount of incense faith.
These incense beliefs come from the primitive human tribes he saved.
Three thousand years later, Zhang Jian recovered from his injuries. He escaped from this vast wilderness and searched along the eastern border.
/This is what Zhang Jian wanted to do from the beginning.
He clearly remembered that in the long river of time, the third-grade innate creation Qinglian seemed to sense something, emit divine light, and finally led him to this wild time and space.
It is not easy to find an object that can resonate with the third-grade innate creation Qinglian.
Therefore, Zhang Jian prepared to search to find the whereabouts of the object.
What makes Zhang Jian rather regretful is that in the following tens of thousands of years, although he found many valuable treasures and divine objects of heaven and earth, he ultimately failed to find the treasure that could resonate with the third-grade innate creation Qinglian.
On this day, an earth-shaking roar suddenly came from the sky, like the sound of billions of thunders resounding on the king’s incomplete sky pillar.
After the loud noise, countless forbidden spells on the Tianzhu were turned into powder at this moment, but a giant god reaching the sky and the earth appeared on the sky, and the vast phantoms gathered together, shattering the entire Tianmen with just one blow, and Countless evil spirits filled the ground, and instantly turned into billowing black dragons and charged towards the broken Tianmen above the sky.
Above the sky, stars were seen arranging in the depths of the sea of ????stars. A majestic formation appeared for the first time, like a huge star abyss reflecting down, swallowing the army of countless ancient demon gods into it.
The earth-shattering sound of fighting resounded across the sky at this moment.
“The fight finally started!”
At this time, Zhang Jian, who was practicing in the Earth Ancestral Aperture, also felt the huge movement and couldn’t help but fly out of the retreat.
In the void, he looked at the sky covered by countless calamities. Countless thunder-like collisions appeared on the celestial pole, and the light and shadow produced by the ba