ars, instantly destroying the clear and turbid Tai Chi diagram, penetrating the demonic shadow in it, and suppressing it.

He actually suppressed the two ancient demon immortals between his five fingers with just a few movements.
This scene shocked not only Feng Bo but also the two demon gods Jin Yuan.
Emperor Fengwu couldn’t help but change his expression.
The power of the Six Heavenly Emperors is really terrifying!
After casually suppressing the two demon immortals again, he immediately looked at the two ancient demon gods.
At this moment, his expression suddenly changed, but he looked towards the horizon. A magnificent pure white ax light struck towards the stars in the southeast sky, locking directly on a region of the sky.
The giant ax bloomed with vast power, as if it could split the origin of the world.
That is the treasure of the ancient demon god Xingtian.
The Qianqi Divine Ax is rumored to be a fragment of the great ax used by the ancient sacred Pangu to create the world.
Naturally, the Antarctic Immortal Emperor could not let him attack the Southern Heaven and destroy the creation of the Central Heaven.
The thirty-three days are the focus of the Six Imperial Heavenly Emperors and their common interests.
A fly whisk appeared in his hand, and the fly whisk seemed to be blown by endless power of water, wind, and fire, intertwined, and suddenly turned into four terrifying sword energies, which instantly collided with the light of the axe.
A huge collision resounded in front of the sky, and the magnificent ax light was finally eliminated by the huge sword wheel formed by the four sword energies.
However, there was no smile on the face of the Antarctic Immortal Emperor. Instead, he frowned and said.
“I never thought that the ancient god of war, Xingtian, was actually a rat!”
In the distance, Emperor Fengwu was seen flying upside down, while the ancient demon gods Feng Bo and Jin Yuan completely disappeared. However, they were swept up by a white light and fled out of the central heaven in an instant.
A distant voice came.
“Do you think I am stupid? There are so many of you who can beat me, how can I be a match for you!”
The Antarctic Immortal Emperor sneered when he heard this.
“But do you think the central heaven is a place where you can come and go as you please?”
His figure quietly disappeared on the spot, and several other majestic powers had already traveled through time and space, emerging outside the boundary to block the headless God of War.
/The thirty-three days are ultimately the foundation of heaven.
One’s own foundation.
They are not easy to cast.
Now that he has left the Central Heaven Realm, Xing Tian is not so brisk.
On the spot, Emperor Fengwu’s face was stagnant. In an instant, a white light appeared deep in the center of his eyebrows. At this moment, there was a loud bang, and the entire true body suddenly exploded. In an instant, a golden phoenix glowing with the sky’s colorful divine light was reborn from the fire, but he The white light deep in the center of the eyeb