has not gone through the strict classification of modern monk levels. At this time in his previous life, he had already been dating all kinds of soft girls in the colorful world outside, so he did not expect that the monks in the clan would challenge him to skip a level and win. There was such an explosion of excitement and enthusiasm.

Due to the confidentiality of his own martial arts condensation and pupil skills, Zhu Peng had to be vague and careless when facing this issue, but even this attitude still brought him huge troubles. Although almost only three elders in the clan had seen the blurry images he had left when he fought with the spy, no one doubted the authenticity of his single-handed killing of the superior Celestial Master. All this was only because of Zhu Peng’s A pair of stimulating purple eyes.
“It seems that that guy is really lucky and has solidified a relatively powerful eye technique. However, it is just a low-level Purple Soul Eye. Grandpa said that my eyes are the most perfect and powerful in the clan.” Su Yu was at home, practicing swordsmanship with her aunt, while muttering bitterly to herself.
During this period of time, the entire family has pushed Zhu Peng’s reputation to a level close to or even surpassing hers. Although the battle between Zhu Peng and Su Yu in the freshman exchange competition was calculated as a tie, there are still some good people in the family. Zhu Peng was crowned the number one genius among his juniors. The reason is very simple, because after Zhu Peng and Su Yu finished fighting, they chased and killed the defecting spy in the clan, and Su Yu got nothing by joining forces with her aunt who was a senior heavenly master.
Su Yu didn’t care about the name, but she couldn’t accept the idea that others thought she was inferior to Zhu Peng. While thinking and getting angry, the spiritual sword in Su Yu’s hand seemed to feel the will of its master and buzzed.
Chapter 066 Three Volumes of Forbidden Code of Heaven, Earth and Man
But Su Qing, who loved the girl very much, obviously didn’t like Su Yu’s mental state at this time. After a few quick and sharp thrusts with the wooden sword in her hand, she immediately broke through Su Yu’s sword style and hit the girl’s forehead with the wooden sword. throat.
“What’s going on? When did you start to cling to other people’s words and let outside thoughts affect your own judgment?”
/While Su Qing was talking, she turned the wooden sword over and slapped Su Yu’s elastic buttocks several times with the sword spine. “Remember, mind, body, energy, technique, and momentum, what we monks care about is the improvement of overall strength, our own strength. Things like purple soul and heavenly eyes are just a component of our own strength. If It is a big mistake for you to indulge in this.”
While scolding with rare and harsh words, Su Qing’s eyes were filled with blood. But unlike Su Yu and Zhu Peng, Su Qing’s purple soul eyes actually had three purple eyes in the first eye. There are probably only a few such perfect Purple Soul H