the disappearance of God Emperor Chi Ling, but after thinking about it for a while, he said the words on his lips.

“We, the Jinyuan Daoting, have now reconciled with the Taiyi clan. I wonder how long your friend will stay in the Jinyuan Heavenly Realm?”
Zhang Jian glanced at God Emperor Danque and smiled.
“How long do you wish to stay, Your Majesty?”
God Emperor Danque hummed.
“I hope you stay, can you do it?”
Zhang Jian’s eyes fluctuated, and he raised his head and saw God Emperor Danque looking at her with phoenix-like eyes like autumn water. She was calm and generous, and the meaning contained in her was self-evident.
This majesty has moved everyone’s heart.
/In fact, at the level of the God Emperor Danque, he could completely suppress his emotions and kill them all.
But she didn’t do that.
/Just like the Supreme Being forgetting love may not necessarily mean being unfeeling and abandoning love, but doing whatever he wants. He can enter the world at any time and forget love.
Zhang Jian thought for a while and said.
“The Taiyi clan was born. As the core elder of the human race, I must report this matter to the Three Emperors Heaven Realm as soon as possible so that my human race can make arrangements early!”
“My journey is also long and long, and I am afraid that I will live up to His Majesty’s good intentions!”
Zhang Jian sighed secretly, it was impossible for him to stay in the Jinyuan Heavenly Realm.
His journey has just begun. Before he becomes the strongest, he will always stay here for too long.
In addition, he is responsible for the great secrets of sacrifice, but it is difficult for him to stay in this world.
He also hopes to obtain the last innate spiritual treasure that can fit his obsession from worshiping his ancestors.
Seeing the change in the face of God Emperor Danque, Zhang Jian smiled slightly and said again.
“However, if your Majesty has free time, he can go to the Central Heaven Realm. He will definitely serve as a landlord!”
God Emperor Danque glanced at Zhang Jian, and when he saw Zhang Jian’s eyes turning, his face suddenly recovered and he nodded.
“I have been to the Central Heaven Realm several times in the past, but I came and went in a hurry and had no intention of staying. He went to have a good time and wander around. I will inevitably trouble Daoist Zhang to lead the way!”
She smiled.
After the discussion, Zhang Jian left Danque Dao Palace.
He is preparing to complete his last mission in this world.
However, it is not difficult to find an immortal mansion according to the clues given by the Queen Mother of the West in charge of the Divine Network of Creation, the Nine Nether Divine Network, and part of the Divine Network of the Earth.
After Zhang Jian left, God Emperor Danque entered Jinyuan Taoist Court and met Yuanhuang.
She did not mention Zhang Jian’s identity.
Zhang Jian’s mission to enter the Jinyuan Heavenly Realm was only mentioned.
The expressions of the two God-Emperors were a little subtle, but they did not expect that this matter could be related t