he replies.”

After the discomfort gradually eased, Klein took out his gold pocket watch, opened it, took a look, and determined the time.
Then, he summoned a paper man and leveraged some power from the mysterious space above the gray fog, and simultaneously threw the two into a specially marked spot of light.
That is the light spot belonging to Daniz, the current only believer of “The Fool”
In Klein’s view, “Star Admiral” Cattleya has the Moss Tradition Order behind her, “Vice Admiral Iceberg” Edwina is from the Church of the God of Knowledge and Wisdom, and Anderson Hood has a strong relationship with Gehrman Spall. Luo doesn’t know much about it, and he is very good at recognizing the situation and will not show off. Therefore, when facing the “investigation” of the Aurora Society, they will most likely not be so dangerous. Only Daniz, who is in West Balam, It’s really worrying that he can’t return to the “Golden Dream” in the short term, his strength is not that good, and he still wears a boxing glove from time to time that acts first and then thinks later.
Based on these facts, Mr. Fool had no choice but to work harder on his own and give Daniz a “paper angel” hug regularly every day to interfere with his divination and prophecy.
Leonard did not expect that Klein Moretti would reply so quickly. He opened the envelope with some disbelief and read the corresponding content:
“Thanks to the help of a great being, does it mean the Fool?
“Sure enough, Klein’s investigation into Inszangwill has gone deep enough. As soon as I mentioned the matter about the Spiritual Religion, he got the truth.
“How can an evil spirit become possessed by an evil spirit?
“How to use this
“Insect of Time” Leonard quickly scanned to the end of the letter, his expression suddenly became a little complicated.
In his mind, Pales Zoroaster remained silent and did not speak.
After a while, Leonard cleared his throat, smiled unconsciously, and lowered his voice:
“Old man, Klein, this proposal seems to be pretty good, very feasible, and the effect should be pretty good. Do you want to consider it?
“Didn’t you say that you would try your best to help me in the matter of revenge?
“Haha, I thought the Worm of Time could only act as a clone and do some auxiliary things.”
He subconsciously pulled a bunch of them, but Pales Zoroastrian remained silent. After a long time, he sighed softly:
/“The most I can give you now is two Worms of Time.
Before Leonard could speak, he added two more sentences:
“To take revenge on a demigod who is in charge of a level 0 sealed object, the most important thing is your own level and strength. Otherwise, even if you have high-level spells, you won’t have the chance to use them.”
Leonard stopped smiling, nodded solemnly and said:
“I’ve been trying to digest it.
“If I haven’t saved enough contribution by the time the digestion is completed, I will collect the extraordinary materials needed by the spirit witch myself.”
He was not disappointed at all that there were only two “Insects of Time”. In his