r Light (talent requires lightning energy support)’ white knowledge light balls, which are relatively large in number, and it can be seen that they are provided by ‘Electric Scorpio’.

Just seeing the need for lightning energy support made David lose interest. Where could he get the lightning energy to support this ability to transform into thunder?
This ability is indeed very strong. Just look at the ‘Electric Scorpion’ after ‘transforming into lightning’, it is almost impossible to be attacked. The effect of being immune to attacks makes David very envious.
David looked at the next white knowledge light ball, the ‘Thunder Light Body (talent requires lightning energy support)’ knowledge light ball, which was the knowledge light ball provided by the ‘Electric Scorpion’ king.
/Seeing the description of ‘Thunder Light Body (talent requires lightning energy support)’, David discovered that this was an evolved version of ‘Incarnation of Thunder Light’.
‘Transformation into lightning’ has a time limit, and you need to restore your true form every once in a while, and then enter the ‘incarnation into lightning’ state again.
The ‘Thunder Light Body’ is different. This talent allows the user to remain in the lightning state. In this state, it can be said to be extremely safe.
And under the influence of the ‘Lightning Body’ talent, the user has an extremely strong control over lightning.
It’s a pity that no matter how good your talent is, it’s in vain if you can’t learn.
/David focused his attention on the last white knowledge light ball, which was the knowledge light ball given by the fourth-level Zerg ‘Half Spider’.
‘Corpse Control (the talent requires a corpse)’ was beyond David’s expectation. He originally thought that the strongest ability of the ‘Half Spider’ would be the ability of the spider itself, but this ‘Half Spider’ had the strongest natural ability. But it is the ‘Corpse Control Technique’.
This ‘Half Spider’ is indeed different from the other ‘Half Spiders’. As a direct descendant of the fifth-level Zerg race’s ‘Half Spider Queen’, it enjoys treatment that most Zerg races do not have.
When there is almost no danger and there are sufficient resources, the ‘Half Spider’ mastery of the ‘Corpse Control Technique’ talent exceeds the instinctive talent’s ability to manipulate spider silk.
Although the ability of the ‘Corpse Control Technique’ talent looked uncomfortable, David didn’t care. He didn’t have much rejection of this ability. As long as the ability was useful, he would learn it.
Controlling Shadow Attendant to move the ball of knowledge of ‘Corpse Control Technique’ into his body, an illusion appeared in front of his eyes.
In the illusion, he was among countless corpses, including humans and Zerg. The Zerg he possessed started from the weak Zerg corpses and continued to draw complex patterns. Under the influence of spiritual energy, these patterns could Fly into the corpse.
Corpses stood up from the ground one by one. After all the corpses in the entire area were controlled, David woke up from