ugh an experimental alchemy carriage incident, his Luce family would once again enter the aristocratic circle of Jianmo City.

Many nobles began to talk about the story of Baron Arthur. This baron came from the distant interstellar federation to the divine world to inherit the Luce family. He took out a large amount of divine gold coins as soon as he arrived here.
From the luxurious No. 16 Orr Street to the overhaul of Luce Castle, it all reflects that the Luce family has begun to recover again.
No noble would look down upon the ancient family. The ancient family had at least ten thousand years of history and had left glorious deeds in the long history time and time again.
Of course, although the name Baron Arthur was re-recognized by the nobles, no one had yet officially issued a formal invitation to David. David was not accepted at various gatherings circulated among the noble circles in Jianmo City.
All the nobles seemed to be waiting for an opportunity, an opportunity for Baron Arthur to officially join the noble circle.
In fact, if David is willing to hold a cocktail party at this time to celebrate his inheritance of the title of baronet, then he will directly integrate into the aristocratic circle.
But David has been very busy recently, and even with Jason’s butler’s repeated persuasion, he has no intention of spending time on this.
For this reason, he turned down Euphemia’s etiquette class this morning and didn’t even go to the alchemy room. He stayed in the training room.
Recently, David moved to a separate courtyard in Jianmo City, which also made it easier for the etiquette teacher Euphemia, who no longer has to travel dozens of kilometers.
However, David also had less time, and his daily etiquette classes could only last two hours.
If it were the previous students, Euphemia would have grumbled gracefully and talked about the importance of learning.
But this student, Baron Arthur, left Euphemia speechless.
Because Baron Arthur’s learning speed is so fast, no matter how complicated the etiquette is, Baron Arthur can completely remember it as long as it is taught once.
Euphemia had less and less to teach, so she could only prepare more noble knowledge every day and teach it to Baron Arthur.
Fortunately, some skills still require time to practice, such as various noble dances, which need to be practiced with a dance partner. Euphemia’s recent job is to dance with Baron Arthur every day, which also makes her feel that she has a passion for work.
David stood on the wooden floor of the training room, and the thirty-six arrays of spirit-gathering arrays were continuously gathering krypton crystal energy around him.
Every breath of the ‘Leopard Breath Breathing Technique’ will bring the energy in the spirit-gathering array into his body and be absorbed by the knight pattern.
The knight pattern, which had long been saturated, accelerated the flow of bloodline power due to the entry of these energies.
/David felt as if his body was expanding, but of course this was an illusion.
The knight pattern an