inned Wolf Spider’, which were the fastest among the first-level Zerg. Carrying the charge of thousands of meters before, the huge kinetic energy impacted on the blocking system. .

This is also the greatest effect of the blocking system. Two batches of first-level Zerg were pierced on the spikes, making the spikes lose their effect.
The spear warriors thrust out according to the order and killed the struggling first-level Zerg. Some of the Zerg that rushed through the gaps were also killed by the spear warriors.
In this kind of swarm charge, the intelligence of the zerg has dropped to the extreme, and their only idea is to overwhelm all targets in front of them.
Even if there are deadly weapons that can pierce them in front of them, these Zerg will charge without fear.
The consequence of this was that many new soldiers did not attack according to the prescribed tactical actions, and were pierced through the exoskeleton armor by the Zerg’s sharp feet.
“Keep your tactics and don’t rush in!” Captain Macaulay roared angrily.
This kind of unnecessary casualties is what Captain Macaulay least wants to see, but it is also something new soldiers often encounter when they grow up.
The medical soldiers stepped forward and pulled the injured soldiers to the rear for treatment, but two unlucky recruits died before treatment because the injured parts were more fatal.
/The last blocking system has become the last barrier in front of all soldiers.
“First team and second team merge into formation and prepare to fight!” Captain Macaulay shouted an order to the two teams that retreated behind the blocking system.
The veteran soldiers began to reorganize the battle formation with the new soldiers. Captain Macaulay looked at the somewhat chaotic formation and couldn’t help but shook his head slightly.
If a soldier has been trained for a long time, he will form a new battle formation almost instinctively when given an order. This situation will basically not happen.
/David and the two extraordinary people ignored the battle between the soldiers and the first-level Zerg. These were not their battles.
However, these soldiers were very lucky. With David’s sudden outbreak, not a single second-level Zerg rushed in front of the blocking system. Otherwise, it is really hard to say whether this blocking system could block the swarm of insects so smoothly.
If 6,000 soldiers cannot defeat a group of first-level Zerg using the military’s standard equipment, then the role of these soldiers will be limited. Captain Macaulay, the captain of the group, can plead guilty and retire from the army.
You must know that the worst weapons in the hands of these six thousand soldiers are second-grade weapons. The spear tips use third-grade materials. Although they use very little material, their penetrating power is third-grade. of.
After passing through three blocking systems, the Zerg at the front of the charging swarm could only stop. The swarm at the rear could only stop when they rushed here. Some of them couldn’t stop and collided with each