lose its ability to move. , then several shots were fired at the projection’s vital points, and the projection disappeared.

Although the projection does not have the ability to fight back, such exercises can already achieve certain actual combat effects.
“Jim!” Myron yelled.
One of the people who was shooting waved his hand to this side, put the short gun in his hand back into the gun bag on his waist, and then ran towards this side.
“Myron, you haven’t been here for a while. I heard that you have been grounded!” Jim came up and laughed, then turned to look at David and said: “David, hello, you are so unlucky, that kind of Everything will happen to you!”
David was shocked by Jim’s enthusiasm. This man was worthy of his military background and spoke very directly.
Looking at Jim, he is wearing a standard military uniform and an unknown model of short gun at his waist. Except that he has no military rank, he is no different from a regular soldier.
“Jim, don’t talk nonsense. Where are the things I asked you to prepare?” Myron said angrily.
“Myron, for your request, I made a special trip to the Military Supplies Office to lend you the good stuff you wanted!” Jim said proudly.
“Jim, take it out quickly. The cost is not a problem. As long as the things are suitable and we don’t take them away, we can just play here!” Myron rubbed his hands and said anxiously.
/David was also curious about what kind of weapon it was that Jim had to put in a lot of effort to get.
You must know that on the wall covered with weapons that David saw not far away, there were all kinds of weapons, and there was a formal soldier wearing a military uniform there.
“David, even though there are not many people here, there are really good things here!” Myron explained to David with a smile when Jim went to get the equipment.
Of course David could understand that with the city defense brigade as the backing, in such a small town, Jim was only developing some light thermal weapons. As long as he didn’t touch the heavy equipment, no one would bother him.
In a battle zone-wide administrative planet like Rock Star, weapons control is not too strict.
Sometimes even the military encourages people to practice various thermal weapons so that they can be used when needed.
/In fact, the military is not worried about thermal weapons. The only ones that really need to be controlled are soldiers. The destructive power of civilian soldiers is much more terrifying than these light thermal weapons.
“This is what you want!” Jim came back, carrying a rectangular box in one hand and an ammunition box in the other.
From the strength of his arms, it can be seen that the weight of the rectangular box is not light.
The rectangular box was placed on the ground and made a dull sound.
“David, let me try it first, and you can try it later! ” Myron said to David while opening the rectangular box.
David nodded and looked at the box.
After Myron opened the box, he revealed the body of a sniper rifle inside. He then took out the barrel and stock from the box and