as very willing to accept the surrender of a large noble family.

If the Cotton family is included as a vassal of the McCarthy family, then everything in the Cotton family can be used by the McCarthy family. Coupled with the powerful help of Job’s fifth-level Templar, the strength of the McCarthy family will be greatly improved. .
“Then we are a family, Job Templar, do you have any plans?” Lord Cagle asked with a smile.
The heart of Job, a fifth-level Templar, is bleeding. After what his family has experienced, he may never be able to break away from the control of the McCarthy family.
/Originally, with the strength of the Cotton family, if they wanted to make friends with top nobles, they would give priority to becoming allies, and would not become a vassal family.
But without such conditions, how could Lord Kagel really help.
Job, a fifth-level Templar, has seen Duke Arthur’s true strength. He was able to block the continuous attacks of two fifth-level Templar energy clones for several seconds. Duke Arthur’s strength is probably greater than that of all fourth-level Sky Knights. Very close to the fifth level Templar.
If Lord Cagle does not use the full combat power of the McCarthy family, the consequences of attacking Duke Arthur may be the same as the last attack.
When Lord Cagel was discussing with Job’s fifth-level Templar, beside them stood the invisible Shadow Attendant.
Their discussions were all heard by David, who shared his mind with the Shadow Warrior. David’s men were already outside the defensive shield next to the castle and could rush in at any time to launch a surprise attack.
When David heard Job’s fifth-level Templar mention the ‘pregnancy stone’, he couldn’t help but hesitate whether to silence Lord Cagel as well.
This Lord Kagel came as an energy clone. Even if he killed the energy clone, he could not shut up Lord Kagel.
Fortunately, Job’s fifth-level Templar has only mentioned the ‘pregnant stone’ so far, and has not said where the ‘pregnant stone’ is.
David did not wait any longer. He decided to immediately take action against Job’s fifth-level Templar in the underground hidden space. He could not let Job’s fifth-level Templar reveal too much information.
Shadow Attendant did not stay with Lord Cagel and the fifth-level Templar Knight of Job. Shadow Attendant sank, passed through the ground and entered the underground.
In the largest room in the underground space, Job’s fifth-level Templar body sat in the middle, beside him was a knight formation composed of fifteen fourth-level sky knights.
Of course, this knight’s battle formation has not been activated, it just maintains the position of the knight’s battle formation.
Once there is danger, as long as the fourth-level sky knights mobilize the power of their blood at the same time, the knight battle formation can be activated. In this way, the fifth-level Templar Knight of Job can borrow the power of fifteen fourth-level sky knights to use his own combat power. Elevated beyond the strength of ordinary fifth-level Templars.