the villa like?”

He quickly received feedback and saw the splendid hall, the elegant and spacious restaurant, the corridor running through the first floor, as well as the bathroom, underground area and other scenes.
/Through them, Klein pieced together the general layout of Kapin Villa in his mind.
Feeling spiritual consumption, he asked the last question:
“What big names does Kapin have close connections with?”
The scene that appeared before him was the magnificent hall just now. Half-naked girls were either crawling on their knees and serving alcoholic beverages to the guests, or were allowed to be beaten and scolded by them, or were directly pulled to a secluded place and tortured. Destroy.
They are all young, with painful and numb expressions. If they are a little slow or not enthusiastic enough, Kapin’s waiters or maids will whip them with whips.
These servants witnessed the crime scene without any sympathy, scrambling to express themselves and try to gain admiration.
Klein saw Capin among the guests, saw the indifferent Mr. Heras, saw Vadra, a member of the House of Commons who often appeared in newspapers, and saw a fat man called the deputy director.
That was a deputy director of the Backlund Police Department. He was a high-ranking member of the police department. None of the subordinates were good. They must have been screened in the villa. Klein, who was trustworthy enough, rubbed his forehead and stopped. In a state of close agreement, the man in the peaked cap is just a small leader, and he can only know or participate in these things.
And until this time, the mysterious and unknown restrictions have still not been touched.
Klein ended the ritual, made the other party’s figure disappear above the gray mist, and then returned to the real world.
In that room with an ethereal smell, he sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the man in the cap who was unconscious on the ground. Based on the information he had just obtained, he analyzed the feasibility of the performance and thought about one plan after another.
Finally, Klein had a definite idea and said silently to himself:
“Maybe you don’t need help.
“A helper would only hinder me and make it inconvenient for me to escape when I’m in danger.
“It’s very important to pick the right time.”
Nearly fifty minutes later, a man wearing a black and gray peaked cap appeared in the East District and headed straight for the streets controlled by the Zmange Party.
When he saw a few dark-skinned, thin and muscular plateau people with fierce looks on their faces, he immediately moved closer, pretending not to look at the road, and bumped into one of them.
“Damn you trash!” The man in the peaked hat cursed loudly and punched the opponent.
The plateau people who loved fighting fought with him without showing any signs of weakness.
/During this process, the man in the peaked hat pulled out his dagger, and the plateau people also showed their weapons.
During the battle, a dagger was inserted into the neck of the man in the peaked hat without be