ptain Faulkner also bent their bodies to express their respective apologies.

“Originally, I thought if any of you could reveal the person behind the scenes, I could let him go, but now that you have chosen, you won’t regret it!” David said in a deep voice.
/“Chief of Defense, we did not make a mistake. Since you are dissatisfied with me, I will apply for transfer immediately after I return!” Captain Hausman heard David say this and knew that David did not want it to end like this, so he Said directly.
“Although you are the chief of defense, if we are right, you cannot force our mistakes on us!” Captain Faulkner also continued.
David burst out laughing, his eyes full of mockery as he looked at the three captains.
At this time, the two sides really cut off their faces and put their confrontation on the bright side.
“You are very good. Since you made this choice, you can just do it for yourself!” David said and turned around and left the conference room.
After David closed the door heavily, the three captains looked at each other, worried about each other.
To be honest, they didn’t want to completely break up with David. Being an enemy of such a terrifyingly powerful man really worried them.
“We’d better apply for transfer as soon as possible. I’m worried that David will find an opportunity to kill us!” Captain Faulkner said softly.
“Killing us won’t be enough, but I’m afraid our life will be difficult in the future, so we might as well leave!” Captain Noel also said helplessly.
“If the three of us jointly report to the superiors, saying that David used force to threaten his subordinates, then we can be transferred out quickly, and we can also leave some trouble for David!” Captain Hausman suggested.
/“We will be criticized in the military for doing this!” Captain Faulkner shook his head and said.
Accusing a superior’s behavior in the military, even if correct, will be rejected by most officers in the military.
“With Lieutenant General Kenneth helping us, there is nothing to be afraid of!” Captain Hausman said with a chuckle.
“Silence!” Captain Faulkner’s expression changed, he looked around and said.
David, who was standing in the hall, heard Captain Hausman’s words through Shadow Attendant. He couldn’t help but frown. He wanted to know the bigger story behind the scenes, but it seemed that the three captains knew the most about Kenneth. Move this level up.
It’s not that David looks down on Lieutenant General Kenneth, but that someone who is his enemy can use such a large network of connections to dispatch ten extraordinary people is simply not the energy that a lieutenant general in the Tongtuo Star Territory Military Department can possess. .
“They’re useless!” David whispered to himself.
Then the three captains in the conference room were about to leave the conference room, but they saw a little fat man appearing out of thin air in the conference room.
This was when the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’ was released from the space ring of the Shadow Attendant. As soon as the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’ was re