y’s cuisine, she is also very good at Chinese food.

Chapter 017 Zihe Che, Living Pill
At least, Zhu Peng ate very happily. “Boss, why don’t you eat meat?” As she spoke, Lena took a piece of fat and tender meat from the meat dish and put it in her mouth. It was strange that this girl could learn to cook Chinese food, but She couldn’t learn to use chopsticks, so she ate at Zhu Peng with her left knife and right fork with a deft pricking technique.
After listening to Lena’s invitation, Zhu Peng took a deep look at the girl, then took a piece of meat from the meat dish and put it into his mouth. After chewing it for a few times, he swallowed it. Only then did Lena smile, feeling sweet and calm. In the atmosphere, Zhu Peng and I finished the first and last dinner in the apocalypse.
After the meal, Lena picked up the dishes quickly, with such skill and naturalness, just like a virtuous and beautiful little wife handling housework. But Zhu Peng, who was sitting on the bed, did not have any happy smile on his face. He felt a little numb and wiped his mouth with silk. Then he said suddenly.
“Lena, do you know that China has a famous dish called ‘Zihe Che’ since ancient times?”
/This sudden question made Lena, who was clearing away the dishes, freeze suddenly. The next moment, the girl looked up with a smile and said, “I haven’t heard of it, boss, do you want to eat it? Lena will cook it for you another day. I Very smart, as long as you teach me a little bit, boss, I will definitely think I can do it.”
“Yes, you are very smart. In fact, you don’t need me to teach you. The two meat dishes you made already have three meanings.”
As he spoke, Zhu Peng used his chopsticks to lightly tap the two meat dishes on the table that had not been eaten much.
“You are very smart, and you know how to add pork bones to human meat to confuse the taste. However, you don’t know that I have tasted human meat since I was a child, and I still remember the greasy and delicate texture.”
Gently tapping the tableware in front of him with his chopsticks, Zhu Peng smiled softly and talked with Lena about the freshness of human flesh. Under the dim electric light, Zhu Peng’s white teeth revealed a very terrifying and cruel look. Evil.
“In Chinese Taoist alchemy techniques, people have been used to refine great medicines since ancient times, such as Yin Dan, Nu Hong Wan, and Living Man Dan. Of course, the most famous and popular among them is that pregnant women in September are not infected with the disease. The Dabu Dan Pill ‘Zihe Che’ is made from acquired turbid qi fetuses.”
/“Gather big medicinal herbs in a furnace to make a medicinal elixir. Take it regularly. Only about thirty pills for half a month can greatly nourish the acquired vitality and nourish the essence, blood, and yang of the physical body during pregnancy.”
Tapping the plate in front of him with the chopsticks in his hand, Zhu Peng smiled softly and said: “Nana, you must pay attention next time. Among human flesh, the flesh of the elderly is rotten, the flesh of young and middl