hat are accelerating their evolution.

The calculation power of the Nine Heavenly Dao Jade Mansion is extremely magnificent.
But Zhang Jian felt that the Nine Heavenly Dao Jade Palaces of this level might not be able to fully accommodate the unique power deep in his soul.
The nature of that power was unusually high.
As Taoism improves, Zhang Jian becomes more and more able to feel the magic of the power deep in the soul.
Therefore, he was also preparing for a rainy day when forging the Earth Emperor’s true body.
Zhang Jian had a hunch that if he could successfully realize Yuanshi and achieve Yuanshi Dao Fruit, he would be able to unearth the true mystery of that power.
Zhang Jian always has an inexplicable sense of urgency to quickly tap into this power.
Zhang Jian knew that this was the reason why his reputation in the world was growing.
When he was weak before, he didn’t worry about his secret being discovered.
Because he is inconspicuous among all living beings in the heavens and the world.
Even if it means becoming a Taoist.
But now he is a Taoist master.
And he is still the strongest.
The probability of exposure is actually higher.
If any of the patriarchs or strong men discovered the clues about him, he would become very dangerous if there was even a hint of suspicion.
There were many distracting thoughts in his heart, but Zhang Jian quickly put them away.
There is not much use in thinking so much now.
Only grow up as soon as possible.
Now that the Earth Emperor’s true body has the Mysterious Female Gate and the thirty-six-leaf innate green lotus, its growth rate will not be slow.
Even relying on this road, there won’t be too many bottlenecks.
But it would take him more time to perfect the Earth Emperor’s root path and fruit.
However, he has a huge foundation and his growth rate is not slow.
Especially since he killed the three corpses early, and the three corpses worked together to deduce, Zhang Jian could feel that with his rich accumulation, the third level of Dao Zun also only needed time and effort.
Once the Tao has arrived, we will definitely be able to break through.
/Good news comes one after another.
Three hundred years later, a message came from the Qingxun Palace. Zhang Jian immediately broke through the barrier and entered the Qingxun Palace to meet Taoist Star Emperor.
Chapter 780: Develop and win over
In the Qingxun Hall, Zhang Jian and Taoist Star Emperor were sitting across from each other. At this time, Taoist Star Emperor’s eyes fell on Zhang Jian, with a dignified look deep in his eyes.
He had met Zhang Jian before, and although the feeling Zhang Jian gave him was very special, it was not as profound or vast as this moment.
/At this time, his extremely sensitive intuition was warning him all the time, telling him the horror of the person in front of him.
Taoist Star Emperor was surprised, but still handed the sealed scroll to Zhang Jian.
Zhang Jian took it casually and checked the integrity of the scroll in front of Taoist Star Emperor, as well as whether the seal