ts like Grandpa Li Shishi and Li Zhen appeared in the family.

“The modified A-level elixir Qinglong has not only restored the effectiveness of the life-saving elixir in the past, but also added the effect of helping monks break through bottlenecks. Grandpa Li Zhen’s contribution has been greatly achieved.”
Unlike Master Li who was simply happy for his relatives, Zhu Peng’s thoughts were undoubtedly more far-reaching. He was almost certain that at this time in his previous life, Li Zhen had never researched and modified the Qinglong Pill. Otherwise, such a big event would not be possible even outside the family. He shouldn’t have heard it all.
/It seems that even though I have tried to minimize contact with people, I have still directly or indirectly changed the fate of some people through the people around me.
For example, the battle of No. 3 Mineral Lode is still ongoing. Originally, according to the original memory, this battle should have been fought long ago and ended with the partial victory of the Blood Clan.
However, due to the influence of Zhu Peng’s advice, Zhu Tiejai was about three levels stronger than at the same time. This indirectly led to the death of the powerful Crimson Shadow Immortal Master, and also made it difficult for several other sects to retreat even if they originally wanted to retreat. , now that an Immortal Master-level figure has taken his life into it, he cannot withdraw even if he wants to.
Therefore, the Battle of No. 3 Mineral Lode has been going on for so long, and not only does it show no signs of stopping, but because more and more people are dying, the fighting is getting harder and harder, and the killings are getting more intense. If this progress continues, it won’t be long before the Blood Soul Clan will have to engage in a life-or-death battle with the Linghu Han Family, Paper Talisman Wang Family, Ghost Control Cui Family, and Scarlet Shadow Immortal Sect.
But at this moment, Li Zhen completed the modification of the Qinglong Pill that was not supposed to be completed. In terms of healing, it can save the lives of a large number of monks, and in terms of breaking through bottlenecks, it can also provide the family with a lot of high-end combat power in disguise – – A monk who practices health-preserving exercises but is stuck at the top of the eighth level of Qi refining. It is said that it is more, but it is not much, even if it is less.
/“It is not so much that Grandpa Li Zhen’s sudden success is a blessing from heaven that has blessed my family. It is better to say that the large number of casualties on the frontline battlefields provided Grandpa Li Zhen with enough motivation to stimulate and experiment with ‘materials’. War is indeed exciting. It is the best means to develop productivity, but the panacea to save human lives is cultivated and formed based on the death of a large number of lives. It is really ironic, hahaha.”
He lowered his head, thinking about the connection between sleep and fruit, and whispered softly. It took a long time for Zhu Peng to come b