deal with it.

Hearing this, Bai Liying smiled sweetly and said: “Brother, why are you so troublesome? Brother Shi has helped me in the Dragon Palace many times. We have a deep relationship with my father. Li Ying is willing to continue to produce children for Brother Shi!”
After a slight pause, she said again.
“But for the sake of my brother, I would like to ask my brother to let me return to the Dragon Palace and repair the great road!”
With that said, she stood up.
A pair of serious eyes stared at Zhang Jian.
Zhang Jian looked up in shock!
“This is very idle”
But looking at Bai Liying’s serious eyes, Zhang Jian thought for a while and agreed.
/“You can do anything!”
Hearing this, the dragon girl felt a little relieved. Her bright eyes were smiling, and her smile was as bright as a flower:
“Besides, Zhang Lang, I have to enter first!”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian frowned slightly. In fact, according to his opinion, it would be best for two wives to start at the same time.
At this time, Bai Nu’s hearty voice came from the Dragon Palace:
“This is easy to handle, Ayu. Since you have agreed to this matter, why not just hold the wedding directly at the Dragon Palace. This can also be regarded as a celebration for my return after breaking the seal!”
Separate from the world?
Hearing this, Zhang Jian’s expression changed. At this moment, he happened to meet Long Nu’s smiling eyes and nodded immediately.
“In that case, then follow what my father-in-law said!”
Zhang Jian was not an indecisive person, but since he wanted to complete the engagement, he still proposed to take over Zhang Yi and Zhang Qi first.
Bai Nu nodded. “Since it’s a happy event for both families, it’s natural to invite my father-in-law and mother-in-law!”
At that moment, everyone in the Baishui Dragon Palace was busy, and Bai Nu began to command many soldiers and generals to arrange the Dragon Palace.
In fact, there were not many guests in Dragon Palace.
Thousands of years have passed, and the relatives and friends of the past have almost dispersed.
Especially at this time, his Shinto test is about to begin, and he doesn’t want to cause trouble.
/I just invited some of the surrounding spirits, gods, and several influential leaders of the cultivators.
Next is Zhang Yi and his wife.
When Zhang Yi and his wife were invited to the White Water Dragon Palace, they were still a little confused.
The couple were having some intimate conversations in the Zhang family’s residence, but they were inexplicably brought to the Dragon Palace by the Dragon Palace God General to attend the wedding banquet.
It wasn’t until I met Zhang Jian that I realized that the wedding was actually held by Zhang Jian and the princess of Baishui Dragon Palace.
The couple was puzzled beyond words.
Zhang Qi was fine with it, but she was unable to stop the slander in her heart.
Zhang Yi didn’t say it on the surface, but he was extremely satisfied with this marriage.
If Zhang Jian becomes the son-in-law of Baishui Dragon Palace, this will be of huge benefit to the Zhan