The structure of the three Yuan Shen spells was extremely complex, surrounded by a golden dragon. The nine dragons were as lifelike as if the real golden dragons were resurrected. With just a slight contact, Zhang Jian immediately understood the power of this terrifying spell.
The stimulation of this magic seems to be able to condense nine true guardian dragons, which are both offensive and defensive. Moreover, the true guardian dragon formed by the nine dragon energy can also change as its own Taoism grows.
There is another one that is like countless weird intertwining of the light and darkness of life and death, which seems to involve life, death, reincarnation and other laws of heaven and earth, and has the ability to reverse life and death.
“Very mysterious?”
Zhang Jian just glanced at it, and suddenly his eyes moved slightly, but the third one was a little more normal, it was a drop of water drop-shaped Yuanshen Immortal Technique.
It is flowing with the fluctuations of countless torrents, like huge waves rolling in the sky, and it seems to be able to destroy the world with just one glance. It is a high-level water movement technique.
Although Zhang Jian has practiced some water-attribute spells, he doesn’t have much interest in water-attribute spells.
Immediately, his eyes looked at the last purple energy that turned into a purple dragon and traveled around.
At this time, Zhang Jian can be sure that this is the fundamental transformation of the Human Emperor’s destiny!
That is a human emperor purple energy!
There was joy in his eyes, and as he thought, the Taixiao Liehuo Bead deep in the sea of ????consciousness suddenly emitted a powerful suction force, sucking this human emperor’s purple energy into the Taixiao Liehuobead. With the help of the Taixiao Liehuo Bead’s purity, After the purification energy was slightly refined, a burst of purple energy was exhaled from it and blended into the depths of his eyebrows.
/After this human emperor’s purple energy was integrated, Zhang Jian directly absorbed it with the Ziwei Star Life, the emperor’s destiny. The naked eye could see that the huge Ziwei Star expanded, and countless purple lights bloomed in an instant.
Boom! !
Above the courtyard, a strong purple light spurted out from the depths of Zhang Jian’s eyebrows, and hundreds of millions of purple vapors behind him intertwined and condensed into a huge star.
Purple energy filled the Dharma Realm of the Blessed Land, and even the Demon-Slaying Lord, who was very close at hand, felt a crushing power sweeping in, with the brilliant divine power to imprison all laws and suppress the laws.
Seeing such strange signs, Demon-Slayer True Monarch didn’t understand that Yinghuo, who had caused the sudden changes in Ziwei Star some time ago, was Zhang Jian in front of him!
But in an instant, the purple stars behind Zhang Jian slowly converged and changed. Countless starlights behind him flowed and formed a statue of a majestic god with purple air, big sleeves fluttering, and wearing pu