lin are used to refine magic weapons.

Relying on the absolute rationality brought to her by the “Tai Shang Forgetting Method”, the sword light in her hand circulated, dismembering part of the water network, and a moment later she entered the edge of the Vine Dragon Forest.
Next to the tree, she sheathed her sword and looked at the faint vine dragon spirit tree behind her, her jade face showing joy.
“It seems that if you find an opportunity, you still need to communicate more with your husband. My husband’s attainments in runes are really incredible.”
A thought flashed through Bai Liying’s mind. Many of the restrictions below the True Dragon Taoist Academy were also constructed with universal runes. Being proficient in runes had great advantages.
This also gave her a lot of advantages in the competition with other disciples in the True Dragon Taoist Academy.
The advantages are still expanding.
At this moment, her eyes moved, and a small conch appeared in her hand. There was another message in the conch that flowed into the depths of her soul.
“Yi’er awakened his first innate magical power so soon?”
After unraveling the secret message in her mind, Bai Liying’s eyes could not hide the surprise, but also some guilt.
Since Zhang Yi was born, she has been leaving it to Zhang Jian and Qi Yuhua. She has not fulfilled her mother’s duties.
However, Zhang Yi’s ability to awaken his bloodline so quickly was somewhat beyond her expectation.
Similar to how she was gifted, a member of the carp clan, and had dragon bloodline, her bloodline talent only took a few years to awaken, and it happened accidentally when she was in danger.
Logically speaking, a half-demon body shouldn’t be so fast.
Obviously this should be related to Zhang Jian’s lineage and teachings.
While thinking about it, Bai Liying immediately gave some suggestions on how to enhance and exercise this magical power.
In the No. 1 Scholar’s Mansion, Zhang Jian raised the conch in his hand, and a message fell into his mind.
“What Yi’er awakened should be the rhythm of the water pulses of my Hanli clan! This magical power can sense changes in the surrounding water flow, allowing Yi’er to always maintain soul awareness. At the same time, this method can be used to temper the soul, which will help to practice water in the future. Magic, ice magic, but you have to do it step by step, be careful not to hurt Yi’er’s soul.”
This message is extremely detailed.
Zhang Jian even felt a little nagging.
He shook his head secretly.
/Bai Liying still couldn’t do what she said, being able to be calm.
This should also be Zhang Yi’s luck.
Zhang Jian immediately called Zhang Yi to his side and gave him some instructions before letting him move freely.
There is not much time left for Zhang Yi to move around freely. Next, he will prepare multiple immortal cultivation packages for Zhang Yi.
In the No. 1 Scholar’s Mansion, in the afternoon, Zhang Jian explained the method of physical training to everyone in the mansion.
In addition to Zhang Lu, family members in other ma