y destroy the opponent’s Dao Fruit, he had no choice.

Zhang Jian’s figure appeared in the Jade Emperor’s mind.
The special cyan flame controlled by Zhang Jian is so impossible.
Zhang Jian has proved this before.
But the problem is that the Lingkong Mother Goddess is not a dead thing that stands still. If you want to kill the opponent, the opponent will definitely sense it and even take corresponding precautions!
However, if he cooperates with Zhang Jian’s unique methods and the valuable treasure in his hand, it is still possible to achieve his goal.
Chapter 863: The Deeds of Killing the Saint (3)
Above the void, Zhang Jian, who was sitting opposite Holy Emperor Fuxi and comprehending the mysteries of the innate Eight Diagrams, suddenly felt a slight movement in his heart.
His eyes suddenly fell into the depths of the chaotic chessboard.
The voice of the Jade Emperor Great Heavenly Lord came from it.
“Earth Emperor, would you like to help me defeat the Chaos Alien Saint? I need to borrow your cyan flame!”
Zhang Jian opened his eyes, with a hint of surprise in his eyes.
The first thing that came to his mind at this moment was not opportunity, but whether it was a trap?
His current relationship with the Jade Emperor is relatively complicated.
Although there is a certain degree of blood connection, the position he is standing at now is enough to be on the same level as the Jade Emperor.
Zhang Jian cannot avoid one of these possibilities.
The Jade Emperor coveted his secrets because he wanted to take this opportunity to harm him?
But in an instant, Zhang Jian suppressed this thought. This possibility was not impossible, but the chance was extremely small in the chaotic chessboard.
Because of a characteristic.
Zhang Jian discovered this characteristic very early.
That was the innate spiritual treasure he had sacrificed. If he was powerful enough, he could deprive the other party of control with just a thought.
Just like when he received several innate spiritual treasures from Taojun Qingxia, he was born to be able to control these innate spiritual treasures.
He believed that this must be unknown to Taojun Qingxia and Jade Emperor.
Even though the Chaos Chessboard is very powerful, it still can’t trap him!
The only question is whether he can participate in this matter in his current state.
From the depths of Zhang Jian’s Nine Heavenly Dao Jade Mansion, Holy Emperor Fuxi and Emperor Ziwei were fighting with this terrifying saint of chaos.
/His Taoism has also reached the third step of the Tao. Although he has just entered the third step of the Tao, he has a strong foundation and holds two innate treasures.
As for his background, he believes he is no weaker than anyone else.
Whether it was his cultivation experience or the legacy of Pangu, a very clear and precise avenue system had been formed around him.
Of course, the more important thing is the benefits.
If he could kill a Chaos Saint, even if he only sacrificed part of his origin, he would surely receive a feedback from heaven and earth that w