ny Taoists of Dongshen Temple feel that it is more and more precious.

In addition, Taoist Jingming personally came to the door and paid a huge price. Many cave gods did not feel offended, but felt that it was normal.
After all, precious sage manuscripts have always been rare.
Each piece is a treasure.
Not mass production.
But this could not dampen the enthusiasm of the Taoists of Dongshen Temple. Many Taoists of Dongshen Temple set their sights on the people around Zhang Jian, especially the eldest princess’s mansion, which was just around the corner.
After Qi Yi and others returned to Fengyang County, the eldest princess and his wife were nominally the closest relatives to Zhang Jian and his wife.
Prince Consort Duwei’s Mansion.
Princess Qingfeng and Qi Yuanwu looked at the two Cave God Temple Taoists in front of them, and the couple looked at each other in embarrassment.
These two Dongshen Temple Taoists were disciples of the Daqian royal family who entered the Dongshen Temple two hundred years ago. Their Taoism was not very high, but there were other experts standing behind them, and the eldest princess and her wife were not to be neglected.
Qi Yuanwu smiled awkwardly at this time.
“Two uncles, I’m afraid we can’t interfere in this matter. During this time, not only you, but also many elders have come to your door. However, Ayu is still mainly compiling the “Daqian Quanshu” and has no other articles. I I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do if we wait!”
Hearing this, the two Taoists looked sad.
One of the Taoists asked himself again.
“Does Zhang Xiuzuan have any special hobbies in his daily life? For example, sex with women?”
Hearing this, Princess Qingfeng and Qi Yuanwu looked at each other and shook their heads at the same time, expressing their ignorance.
/Seeing that the trend was becoming more and more crooked, Zhang Jian also felt that it would be a problem if the trouble continued. He would have to go to Cave God Temple in person and meet Taoist Jingming to gradually stop this crooked trend.
However, when his awe-inspiring righteousness was revealed, it attracted more than just Taoists from Dongshen Temple.
There are other strange looks.
It’s just that due to the suppression of Daqian Dingwei, these aliens don’t feel close to Haojing!
Chapter 183 Dispute
Number One Scholar’s Mansion
At this time, around the house, a figure dressed in black looked in the direction of the Zhang family’s mansion from a distance.
At this time, a middle-aged man with a slender figure and a stern face looked calmly in the direction of the No. 1 Scholar’s Mansion.
“Zhang Jian, the number one scholar?”
At this time, there were several other people standing behind him, dressed in rich and noble clothes, and wearing green brocade. They all had strange faces at this time, but their eyes were glowing red.
They have been squatting around here for several days, but they haven’t found any chance.
This makes the middle-aged man angry.
They are spies from Nanchu.
Ever since he learned that Zhang Jian had great r