ue the birdman and put it under her crotch.

boom! ! !
The two souls collided, and Kan Mengfei, who had the upper hand, felt like she was hit hard, and the soul screamed and retreated into her body.
She staggered back two steps, clasped the strings top-heavy, and said with a solemn expression: “What a brilliant clone method, you can actually deceive my eyes. Who are you? Please show up quickly.”
The method of clones is not very clever. Lu Bei learned it from Wu Zhou. It is essentially a method of refining corpses. It has the miraculous effect of concealing human beings because of the unity of nature and man.
He was not a villain, and he did not have the consciousness to explain the moves. He said coldly: “Xiao Niangpi, since you have seen through it, I will not act again. I can’t change my name, but I can’t change my surname. That’s Jiang’s heart!”
Jiang Suxin is King Yan, a genius who cultivates immortality only once in a thousand years in the Jiang family. He has a high status in Zhaoqin. His words are more effective than the emperor Zhaoqin.
Concubine Kan Meng’s face darkened, a red light lit up between her eyebrows, and a red fire needle shot out, leaping through the void and nailing Lu Bei’s chest.
The demon-level body instantly decayed and collapsed, so fast that Lu Bei only had time to cut off his own head and escape partially.
What magic weapon is so powerful?
Master lost it in time? ?
Lu Bei’s eyes narrowed, and he restarted his physical body and returned it to its original state. The demon body that still lacked hard work was far worse than before. He swallowed the painted halberd in the sky and manifested a hundred-foot-long black-winged demon body.
Dapeng’s bloodline came and went without a trace. Under the high-speed attack, Kan Mengfei’s soul was difficult to capture. The red light hung at her side, her forehead was covered with sweat, and her beautiful face soon turned pale.
Seeing the huge consumption of the magic weapon, the black-winged golden-eyed eagle roared in the sky and dived and turned back several times, putting Concubine Kan Meng in a dilemma and the consumption became even more intense.
“Jiang is so sincere and has such a big tone. I would like to see it, but King Yan himself came to southern Xinjiang in person.”
A long roar came from the distance, and before he finished speaking, an old man with white hair stood up in the air.
His eyes dropped, as if he was the center of the world, and every move he made would affect the entire world.
Mahayana monks! x2
It is said that southern Xinjiang is vast and sparsely populated. Why is the population density so high?
Lu Bei flapped his wings and hung in the air, cutting through the void with his wings, gathering strength and preparing to run away.
/Suddenly, a familiar figure jumped into view, and a young man came out of the air and arrived at the old man’s side.
/He was carrying a long sword on his back, and his energy was languid, as if his sweet dream had been interrupted, and he was drowsy and not yet fully a