them first, wait until they are rolled into medicine dregs, beat them a little every three days, and beat them a lot every five days, and then earn her thirty to five billion.”

The two Han Miaojun used the power of dual cultivation to eliminate the evil thoughts deep in the soul. However, they were first violently beaten by the ten-eyed demon and then split in half by the demon. It was difficult for them to return to their peak in a short time.
He estimated that after the two of them recovered from their injuries, it would be time for him to pick up his pants and turn his back on them.
Next door, Lu Bei and King Yuanji met and regretfully expressed that Xinyuehu was very powerful and that Han Miaojun was no match. One chased him, the other ran away, and he had already left the secret realm.
/Where exactly he went, the weak Lu Bei had no idea. Looking at Xinyuehu Yinpingping alone, he was definitely not a kind person. Palace Master Han was probably gone.
After saying that, he turned around and left.
Previously, Lu Beidu sold the cart that captured the Xiongchu Gu family to the Wu Zhou Zhu family at a high price, and did not want to go through the muddy water to meet the Gu family’s motorcade directly.
This time it was changed.
He almost rummaged through the inventory of the royal family and the Emperor’s Sect. There was no item that could attract his attention and had no trading value.
King Yuanji’s earthly immortal cultivation level, the old Zhu family had to exchange things for things, and they could only exchange for the period of transcending tribulation.
Zhu Xiuyun, Zhu Xian, Zhu Mu and others all gave away to Lu Bei for nothing. The only one with trading value was Zhu Xiushi, an 800-year-old princess who was at the bottom of the box.
As the saying goes: Big breasts have no brains, long legs have little wisdom.
Lezi people have both, and can be regarded as brainless and less intelligent. Standard God has given others high IQ and high talent. He is worried that she will find something wrong and deduct her IQ.
It’s okay not to.
Moreover, if you don’t want it now, it might still be free in the future.
“Hey hey hey”
“You brat, you smile so bad. Did something good happen to you?”
In the small world, Hu Er, who had been waiting for four hours, came forward and pinched Lu Bei’s face, telling him to become more familiar and shrink quickly.
Lu Bei curled his lips, ignored it, and said instead: “Mother is so patient, haven’t you left yet?”
“I would like to leave, but it’s easier to get in than to get out.”
Hu Er explained that Lu Bei had advanced to the Tribulation Transcendence Stage. Although he had not been struck by lightning and was not considered a first-level Tribulation Transcendence monk, the moral integrity of the small world was much stronger than that of the Fusion Stage, and people would not be allowed to enter as they wished. Come out as soon as you come out.
Lu Bei didn’t understand very well, but he reluctantly understood that the subway had turned into a bus, and when he was struck b