ill give it to you.”

“Mom, I am a human being, not a real demon, I have no talent.”
“Cut the nonsense.”
The mother and son were fighting each other, and Zhu Xiushi, who was hiding behind the wall, moved over, looked at the collapsing void around him, and told the two to leave quickly.
It is not advisable to stay here for a long time, so move in quickly.
“Don’t worry, the monk can still fight. I, the sect leader, will pick up the relics first.”
Lu Bei hummed twice and looked intently toward the end of the void.
Deep in the darkness, a relic spread out soft golden light, protecting the body of Yuanji Wang Yuanshen, preventing him from dying on the spot.
Even so, King Yuanji was seriously injured, his golden body was dim, his clothes were stained with blood, and he had no strength to fight anymore.
It is not suitable to stay here for a long time, the relic must be sent out.
King Yuanji narrowed his eyes slightly and made a plan in an instant. If I remember correctly, Lu Bei had just called him Shibo several times.
/He nodded and took charge of this marriage!
As soon as the words came out, something strange happened. A figure in palace clothes stepped out of the void, raised his hand and penetrated the chest and abdomen of King Yuanji. After breaking his heart, he took away the ownerless relic.
The relic vibrated and shone brightly, but the woman in palace clothes didn’t take it seriously and raised the corner of her mouth to sneer.
“The tide has turned, and it’s time for me to suppress you.”
“Lou Jingou, what are you doing? Put down the relic quickly.” King Yuanji’s eyes were about to burst and he roared.
“Ditu raccoon dog, there will be no more Lou Jingou in the future, this palace, Han Miaojun of the Fuluan Palace!”
Han Miaojun held the relic in his hand and flaunted it wantonly.
King Yuanji seemed to have thought of something, he couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat, and blurted out: “Han Miaojun of Luan Palace, you have recovered the evil nature that was suppressed.”
Han Miaojun said calmly and waved his hand across his sleeves.
The terrifying energy swept down, and the sudden burst of powerful force acted on King Yuanji’s body, shattering the golden body and throwing it away.
King Yuanji fell to the ground like a cannonball, his golden body was broken, and his soul was sealed. He was already seriously injured and had no power to resist in front of the complete Han Miaojun.
“Be careful, she is not the Han Miaojun you know. She has recovered her suppressed nature. This is the real her.” King Yuanji spoke with difficulty, trying to integrate into Lu Bei’s side by taking the opportunity of providing information.
Lu Bei didn’t respond and punched him with a dark face.
Straight punch, experience.
As expected, because of Han Miaojun’s unethical head-stealing behavior, King Yuanji’s contribution was not very qualified, barely more than 1.5 billion, not even as good as the explicit Bai Yejun.
Lu Bei pulled out the dragon-binding rope, tied up King Yuanji who was still half