patted his chest and said that the convenience of the process was not a problem, and the storage was formal and efficient. As long as the site for the reconstruction of the Wuliang Sword Sect is not the Tianzi Mountain and the capital, Lu Bei can decide on any of the famous fairy mountains in Zhaoqin.

What, is there someone?
He must be a traitor to the party. If he doesn’t leave, he will be arrested and brought to justice in the whole mountain.
The sect leader of the Wuliang Sword Sect is held by ‘Tian Mingzi’. The re-established generation’s top disciple is Chang Qingyu. The remaining disciples are selected on merit. Jiang Biehe and Chang Wenyuan serve as honorary elders and will step down when the Wuliang Sword Sect grows stronger.
With ‘Tian Mingzi’ as the golden sign that sent King Yan away, there was no need to worry about not being able to recruit talented sword cultivators. Just be careful to guard the threshold so that it wouldn’t be stepped on.
/Coupled with the name of the elder Liu Shen, there is no need to worry about trouble!
Lu Bei did everything he could. He believed that he had an explanation to Tian Mingzi and that he was no longer entangled in cause and effect. He carried the two beautiful palace ladies and left Zhaoqin overnight.
Then it got blocked.
Chang Qingyu was unhappy, but still looked like a dead master.
That’s right, she became a disciple of ‘Tian Mingzi’, and the latter was indeed a perfect person.
Lu Bei looked at the sky, raised his eyebrows and said, “Senior Sister Shao, it’s not yet midnight. Why, have you figured it out?”
/The nightmare returned to the Holy Land of the Human Race. Chang Qingyu was furious when he heard this title: “Junior Sister Shao is far away in Wenliang. My surname is not Chang. Bah, my surname is not Shao. As a master, how can you pretend to be crazy and act like a fool? The truth!”
“Pretending to be crazy and acting stupid.”
“No, last sentence, what did you call me?” Lu Bei probed his head and picked his ears.
Looking at the pretty face so close, Chang Qingyu’s face darkened, he opened his mouth, took a deep breath, and opened his throat.
“I ow”
Lu Bei’s lightning attack hit his throat with a goose leg, choking Chang Qingyu until he rolled his eyes.
He raised his hand and touched the hem of Chang Qingyu’s clothes and wiped off the oil stains on his hands: “This was originally a farce, but the sage insisted on stalking me. It doesn’t matter if I make a mistake, it’s unlucky for me to accept you as my disciple. ”
Chang Qingyu pulled out the goose leg from his mouth, only regretting that he lacked strength and had no means to retaliate in kind.
“Come on, stuff it here.”
Lu Bei pointed to his mouth: “You have eaten it, but you don’t mind being a teacher. Come on!”
Chang Qingyu couldn’t hold himself any longer, he destroyed the goose leg at the speed of light and smashed the bone to the ground.
“Yes, you have finally understood how to get along with your teacher peacefully.” Lu Bei was greatly relieved and commented that a boy can be ta