eply embedded in the earth, and the waves of the universe disappeared into the long river of time.

The secret realm of Emperor Tian.
The white palace is located in the sea of ??clouds, with thirty-six heavenly gates, one level higher than the other.
The flying eaves are carved with spiritual animals that ward off evil spirits and pray for blessings. They are as lifelike as if they were real. The details are definitely not forged by skilled craftsmen, especially the vicissitudes of time, not to mention how much historical past has been deposited.
On the top of the thirty-sixth level of the Heavenly Gate, a man stood on nothing, with two treasures suspended beside him, one was an immortal sword and the other was a guillotine.
The energy from heaven and earth gathered together, and he compressed it into a pillar of air and a rainbow with great magic power, which contained two treasures.
Looking back, I can see that the man has a majestic appearance and an imposing manner that is incomparable to other people. He is like a god in the world, riding on the nine dragons, and he is invincible.
After the two treasures were cultivated, Yinglong began his essential daily exercises.
I saw his breath blending into the heaven and earth, seizing the creation of all things, his eyes looking through the void, and under a white roulette wheel, slicing through the bright stars of the Milky Way.
In the center of the two, a bright sun rises.
Endless stars bowed their heads, and the light of the sun swept across the universe. After the extreme light, it turned into darkness, like a huge whirlpool, swallowing up everything around it.
Great Sun Destiny Chart!
Yinglong obtains the Heavenly Book and becomes the spokesperson of Heavenly Dao in the human world. He is blessed with great fortune. When the Heavenly Dao returns, he will be able to return to the first place and achieve the supreme status of the Great Heavenly Lord.
/He worked hard and spared no effort to cultivate his power.
First, he found the fragments of the former Heavenly Palace, confirmed his base camp, and then single-handedly created the current Tomb Keeper based on the specifications of four spirits and five elephants.
In terms of talents and qualifications, there is no one like him in the world.
While cultivating his power, Yinglong did not let go of his cultivation. He studied hard day and night and reached the level where he is now unrivaled.
According to what the heavenly book says, the great sun will come down from the sky and you will be invincible in your lifetime.
Yinglong meditated hard and figured out the mystery. There are no two suns in the sky, and the great heaven is regarded as the great sun.
If he wants to achieve higher achievements, he must follow the guidance of the heavenly book, achieve the fate of the great sun, and practice hard for thousands of years to obtain the great power of the great sun and destiny.
If you succeed, you will be invincible.
/“Destiny is mine!”
Yinglong held the Great Sun in one hand and the Wheel of