raised his eyebrows and took the document into his hand. When he saw the title of the document, Zhu Peng’s originally relaxed expression gradually became serious.

“The Ancient Spirit Realm in the Northeast Snow Mountain is about to open. Several sects, sects, and hundreds of casual cultivators will gather together to make a quick decision.” There is an information briefing attached below. When Zhu Peng took a look, it turned out to be quite detailed and rich.
“The Northeast Daxue Mountain Cave Heaven is a second-class spiritual land like the Qinwang Mountains, and its quality resources are not as good as the Qinwang Mountains. The forces are even more complicated. It is in the middle of the rankings among the second-class spiritual lands in the world. There is only one Daxueshan Barbarian. The Monk Temple is quite powerful, but there are constant disputes within the temple. Let alone controlling the entire second-level spiritual land like our Blood Soul Ridge, being able to prevent oneself from being swallowed up by other sects in internal fighting is already the limit of their strength.” Before Zhu Peng arrived, Great Elder Su Xin had obviously done a lot of homework, and he had a lot of detailed information that was not found in the materials. “This time the ancient spiritual realm was opened, there was no movement in the holy places of the ancient sects and families. On the contrary, the Barbarian Monk Temple was the first to react. They didn’t know where they got the secret method to open the ancient spiritual realm, but they didn’t keep it strictly, which made many The sect and even the casual cultivators got the information, and our blood also got the news. Peng’er, are you sure this is the method of opening Gaia’s will leaked to them? If so, then how intelligent is the so-called planet’s will collective? It’s a bit disappointing, why would it give priority to a force like the Snow Mountain Man Monk Temple?”
/Su Xin sighed while speaking, but Zhu Peng gradually frowned, “It’s impossible. Gaia’s will envelopes the earth and stars. It has extremely high intelligent thinking and extremely terrifying information priority. It will not be able to distinguish between Which force is strong or weak? Even its ability to distinguish us is better than our understanding of ourselves. Wait, you said that after these news came out, the major holy places did not respond at all? ”
“What’s wrong? Those ancient sects have deep inheritance and will never take action easily before they have found out the depth. Moreover, their response mechanisms are relatively rigid. Isn’t it normal for them to react a little slowly?” Ignoring Su Xin’s words, Zhu Peng tapped his forehead lightly, and after a long while, he whispered: “Build the plank road openly, secretly set up the warehouse, lure them for profit, and make a conspiracy?” In his faint words, there was a hint of being betrayed. Playful irritation.
“The ancient spiritual realms are also divided into three, six or nine levels. Those ancient sects of the Holy Land easily throw