tiful skins.” Lu Bei snorted coldly, and killed Zhengqing into pieces with a backhand blow.

The next second, the overflowing gold powder turned into a golden river. For every dust particle raised, a Zhengqing jumped out of it.
Almost in the blink of an eye, thousands of ministers jumped out, chanting Buddhist sutras with their hands clasped together, buzzing like flies, making Lu Bei very annoyed.
Noise pollution was secondary, but the key was light pollution. His bright brains, well versed in the divine power of the Buddha’s light, were so dazzling that he could hardly open his eyes.
“You dare to show off your trivial skills, let me show you!”
Lu Bei let out a low shout, and strange strength came out of his body. Violent shock waves swept away in all directions, spreading down and strangling one minister after another.
Infinite light spots turned into eternal rivers, flowing end to end in every corner of the void. Under Lu Bei’s numb gaze, Zhengqing was like a genetically modified super leek, growing wildly one after another. In just a few moments, it reached a size of hundreds of millions. Horrible number of units.
All appearances are false.
Lu Bei narrowed his eyes slightly. He knew that these Zhengqings were all fake and just hallucinations, but he couldn’t find the bad ones and couldn’t see where Zhengqing’s real body was.
Even though he knew it was a lie, his spiritual thoughts were still warning him wildly. The endless ministers around him were all real, and none of them could be ignored.
As expected of Gu Zongchen’s teacher, he did have some skills. Han Miaojun was slapped in half by the old monk instead of being slapped to death. It was the old monk who showed mercy.
/Lu Bei exhaled a breath of turbid air, and the dancing golden light in his eyes faded, replaced by a vast nebula.
“Master, the Dharma is brilliant. This sect master is a Taoist cultivator. When it comes to Buddhism, he is far inferior to you in speaking and debating. This magical cultivator is barely accessible to you. Please give it a try.” He raised his right fist, and the fine sand of stars flowed from the gaps between his five fingers. Every particle of dust is as heavy as a thousand pieces, which means a star.
Zhengqing has billions of bodies, so what? He has billions of stars, no one is more afraid of him than in numbers.
/Waves of waves surged in the sea of ??stars, and the ocean of starlight shook the void and collapsed. Broken cracks spread down, and mirror cracks exploded on the back of the void.
On both sides of Xuanlong and Xiongchu, a group of monks raised their heads in shock, seeing the vast ocean of stars flowing into their eyes. Every drop of water was filled with bright starlight, and every bit of starlight was filled with terrifying energy that could destroy the world.
Thousands of noble ministers rise and fall in the ocean of stars, and the waves hit them. Dozens or hundreds of bodies are destroyed, and then ten times or a hundred times more new ones are born.
What is a person with great su