ing to wait for his various Taoist methods to be perfected again.

In this way, you will be more confident in overcoming the tribulation.
The second great catastrophe is different from the first great catastrophe.
As far as Zhang Jian knows, there is no longer a need to go through the Seven Tribulations of Destruction.
All you need to do is enter the depths of the void of the heavens and fight against the will to destroy the great tribulation. If you can fight successfully, you will be able to break through the realm of the second-turn Taoist.
And failure is no longer falling.
At most, it would be a serious injury.
As a punishment, the next tribulation will be counted as the third catastrophe, the difficulty will be greatly increased, and it may never be possible to break through.
As for how to fight against the will to destroy the catastrophe, Zhang Jian is already sure.
Coupled with the help of Yuanshi Yuzhu, Zhang Jian believes that that will not be a problem.
After the five-in-one Taoism was perfected, Zhang Jian listed the eternal Taoism in sequence and began to perfect it one by one. Relying on his own understanding of the laws of the heavens, these were not difficult problems for him.
As a top student, this is what he is best at.
Naturally, what he listed as his primary target was the natal magic of the Mountains and Rivers Society Map.
The second is the method of transformation of the nine-turn chaotic green lotus with innate supernatural powers.
Secondly, there are many first-level eternal Taoist methods, the Golden Lotus Hidden Breathing Method, mediating creation, the black and yellow fetal membrane formation of heaven and earth, and the Earth Emperor Bagua.
Picture of the stars in the sky, picture of the king of time and space in the heavens, picture of the infinite river, Suihuang’s method of burning the world, the fire of the awe-inspiring, the method of sleepwalking in Taixu, the Nine Dragons Sutra, the Green Lotus Soul Purification Mantra, the Nine Nether Golden Medal of Life and Death, and the Small Heavens Reincarnation method, Taiyin shape refining method, East Emperor Nine Yang splitting immortal method, etc.
There was plenty of time for him.
Zhang Jian calmed down and began to optimize the structure of the Mountains and Rivers Society Map, and re-sublimated the various main immortal techniques that were the foundation inside.
/This is an extremely tedious process.
Zhang Jian just immersed himself in the perfection of Taoism.
Starting from the Shanhe Sheji Diagram, after promoting this natal immortal method to the second level, Zhang Jian began to complete the innate magical power, the nine-turn chaotic green lotus transformation method, followed by the mediation of creation, the Nine Nether Golden Medal of Life and Death, and the Earth Emperor Bagua. , the great array of black and yellow fetal membranes of heaven and earth, the infinite river map, the Sui Emperor’s method of burning the world.
After upgrading this part of the eternal immortal magic to the second level of eterna