ist of gods?”

“No, we have to move forward.”
“When the old sect master talked nonsense and framed Lu!” Lu Bei gritted his teeth. He had endured this hatred for a long time.
it is as expected!
There is no problem in abandoning the Sutra, but he has no regrets at all. If given another chance, he will still tell the truth, because he was really happy during that time.
“Of course, if the old sect leader puts down his immortal life chart, surrenders with courtesy, and claims to be a small abandonment, he still doesn’t lose his position as the emperor. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for you and me, brothers and sisters, to join forces to fight against the great emperor?” Lu Bei suggested. road.
Qi Li Jing nodded and said: “The Emperor of Heaven hands over the Tai Chi Diagram. Qi is willing to worship the Emperor of Heaven as his brother and let you send him as you please. How about that?”
“In that case, it’s better for my subordinates to see the truth!”
Lu Bei took a deep breath, waved his hand and shot out a golden light. The light fell into the underworld sky and slowly opened a portal.
The acquired spiritual treasure, the gate of life and death in Huangquan.
This treasure does not have many functions. It can be said that it has a single purpose. It is a one-way door that can only open the passage to the outside world from within the underworld.
In the past, Lu Bei felt that this thing was too calculated, and thought it was the plan of the Yellow Emperor in the middle palace.
Now it seems that the Master of Ten Thousand Daos is really a super god!
boom! ! !
/The portal opened, heaven sensed it, and Lu Bei instantly entered the realm of unity between heaven and man.
He looked at the horrified Huang Di in Zhonggong, grinned, and crushed the opponent’s heart: “Old guy, the calculations you are so proud of are simply not worth mentioning.”
Hearty laughter filled every corner of the underworld, attracting countless monks to watch.
The joys and sorrows of people are not the same as each other. Lu Bei’s proud laughter sounded particularly harsh to the Yellow Emperor in the middle palace.
His plan was broken again, and it was the same kind of plan that had been waiting for him for countless years. He thought he had predicted everything, but when things happened, he discovered that the Master of All Ways had already predicted his prediction.
On the one hand, he was racking his brains, on the other hand, he was indifferent. The huge gap once again overwhelmed his Taoist heart.
Pindao can’t win even once?
The Yellow Emperor in the middle palace was stagnant in breathing, and an overwhelming pressure came over him. He felt that the peak was so majestic and insurmountable, and his crumbling Taoist heart was firmly shrouded in a dark cloud called despair.
“This won’t work. Aren’t you fully prepared?”
Abandonment Sutra spoke lightly, and the sound of each word was like thunder, which woke up the Yellow Emperor in Zhonggong who had no fighting spirit, and brought back the Taoist heart that was ab