st test is about the theory of scriptures and Mo Yi, which is actually the meaning of the classics. The second test is about rituals and music, and the third test is about current affairs.

Of course, the meanings of the classics that each juren governs are different, and the examination room will also be divided according to the six classics that each juren governs.
What he wrote were all sage articles, but what was tested was his conception and his grasp of the current situation.
In fact, when these articles are written, they still have to conform to the political views of the examiner to some extent, otherwise even if they are successful, their rankings may not be high.
A low ranking will affect your ranking in the palace examination.
When the emperor takes the palace examination, he will more or less use the examination rankings to make a comparison, unless he is very lucky and is selected by the emperor from hundreds of sets of test papers, but the chance of that is actually not high.
/Yes, but very few.
In the examination room, Zhang Jian wrote like a master, and both the scriptures and the meanings of ink had left traces in his mind. At this time, he was not hasty or slow, writing line by line in correct calligraphy.
He wrote about five hundred words of Sutra in one book, and the meaning behind it was even more difficult for him.
/But he didn’t go too far.
But quite satisfactory.
Nor did he show off his calligraphy.
There are thousands of people present, and nine out of ten people have practiced calligraphy for more than ten years. When it comes to calligraphy, it is really difficult to stand out from so many people.
He can actually do it.
If you are filled with awe-inspiring righteousness, you can easily attract the examiner’s eyes and create a dazzling charm.
But simply sticking to the scriptures and Mo Yi are not necessary.
On the other hand, the discussion on rituals and music in the second session and the discussion on current affairs in the third session can be a little more righteous.
At that time, it will naturally attract the attention of several examiners.
Fengyang County, Qi Mansion
At the beginning of the Spring Festival, many sisters in the Qi Mansion were also talking about this matter. As a general family, the Qi Mansion had not cared much about the Spring Festival in previous years.
Even if he was concerned, it was just a casual mention, just like ordinary people hearing about the talented people who participated in the Spring Festival in and outside the county.
Which candidate is likely to become a Jinshi?
If it’s an unmarried person, it’s fine. If it’s a married person, it’s just mentioned a few words and then forgotten in a flash.
But this year is different. My future cousin-in-law is currently taking the exam in the Gongyuan of the Imperial College. Many sisters in the Qi family are more or less concerned.
In the second room, Qi Yuhua didn’t care, just sitting in front of the window embroidering the cloak in his hands, but Qi Yuzhu couldn’t sit still and walked around i