in the end, this world was still this world and would not change because of him.

But he will never allow this world to be destroyed. If it is destroyed, then what is the value of everything he has.
“I’m with you.”
Huang Quan’s voice was calm.
Liao Qingqiu nodded, “Then I’ll contact the others.”
Not long after, rays of light rose from the Pure Land.
There is no phantom demon sect.
The old man sweeping the floor sat quietly under the tree, enjoying the afternoon sunshine. Not long after, a Pure Land Knight descended from the sky.
“Senior, Star Master said that the agreed time has come.”
The old man stood up, looked at the broom beside him that had been used for decades, sighed slightly, and looked at this ordinary and simple small yard.
The moment he put down the broom, the old man’s stooped waist straightened up, and surging energy surged into the sky.
All that is left is the majesty of a peerless strong man.
At the same time, Taiyin Sect, Wanling Sect, Holy Light Sect, and super sects one after another have received orders from the Star Lord.
One after another powerful men entered the Great Yuan Realm, and it was difficult not to attract attention. The monks were all greatly affected.
The level of this Yuanli surpasses that of ordinary sect masters, and is so surging that it cannot be restored. One is enough, one after another. What is this?
Their direction is the Pure Land.
In addition to these powerful men, dragon roars came from the sky, and giant dragons entered the Great Yuan Realm one after another, and they were all eight-clawed dragon kings.
The monks sighed and speculated, is this to build momentum for the decisive battle?
/This lineup is too exaggerated.
No matter how powerful a monk is, as long as you don’t become a god, you are invincible.
With such a lineup, no matter how powerful it is, it will be wiped out.
Hearing the roar of the dragon, Lu Yuetian was stunned for a moment. He knew that this day would come. But I didn’t expect it to come so quickly.
Is the world of cultivation ready?
have no idea. Maybe you can never prepare well, but what should come will eventually come.
“Dean, what’s going on?”
Lu Yuetian looked at Wang Meng and suddenly smiled, “Haha, something happened. Just have a good rest here these days. There will be news in a few days.”
At the same time, the deans of the five major colleges also received orders to go to the Pure Land.
Zhang Xiaojiang and others had a great time. Wang Meng could only watch them happy. Maybe his mentality had really changed. He couldn’t jump around like a child and blow nonsense like before.
/His represents the glory of the church, which is not only an honor, but also a responsibility.
Suddenly, he could understand Xue Zhongnan and Yu Kunlun, especially Xue Zhongnan’s philosophy. Xue Zhongnan is not that powerful. But he always persisted and did not give in. His persistence was even more valuable.
It was precisely because of this persistence that the day came when Wang Meng entered the temple.
After calming down, Wang Meng also v