Soup. Isn’t this good for healing your wounds?”

Xiao Cheng ran in quickly.
“You little girl, you are not willing to give it to grandpa, but you give it to others.”
“Grandpa, you are not injured!”
“Haha, okay, give him a drink. He still needs to rest now and can’t chat for too long.”
Xiao Cheng nodded, and the soup was served. A smell of aroma wafted over, and Wang Meng’s spirit was lifted.
“Big brother, what’s your name? My name is Xiaocheng.”
“Wang Meng, fierce and fierce.”
Wang Meng said, it’s just that his behavior has nothing to do with being fierce.
Wang Meng drank a large bowl of soup, and suddenly he felt tired again, and slowly fell into sleep. In his dream, Wang Meng seemed to see Sanmao jumping around.
Suddenly, he felt that letting Zhang Xiaopang and the others come to the Great Yuan Realm was not necessarily a good thing. He had to be stronger.
/The attack on the Dragon King’s camp was too reckless. If Hua Jianyu hadn’t happened to be absent, it might have brought disaster.
This is a world where power speaks.
Wang Meng in the dream clenched his fists. As long as he didn’t die, he would pursue power with all his strength!
The following days were the quietest and most peaceful for Wang Meng since he entered the world of spiritual practice. Xiao Cheng would cook delicious food every day, and of course she could only cook soup.
The old man’s real name is Mo Chen, and he is obviously also a monk. He lives in seclusion here and needs to calm down to recuperate from his injuries. Especially in Wang Meng’s situation, his most important thing now is to activate the vitality of the sea of ??life.
Wang Meng and the old man were playing chess in the yard, while Xiao Cheng sat on a small wooden bench and dozed off. It was so boring. Why did he like to play this thing?
“Boy, your chess skills are quite good, and your chess style is so sophisticated.”
Wang Meng smiled slightly. This was the influence brought by Lao Mo and it did not disappear with time.
“Old man, why is there such a big difference once you enter Small Consummation?”
“Each sect of practice has different views. Some go along with nature, some go against nature, some take advantage of the trend, and some go against it. The methods are even more different. But to put it bluntly, they are all just about cultivating the internal force and driving the external force. Before the small perfection , we can only cultivate internal strength, but after entering Small Consummation, we can borrow external strength to a certain extent. This is an essential difference. Originally, you were just a small pool. The difference lies in the size of the pool. But once you enter Small Consummation, you It becomes a tributary of the rivers, lakes and seas, and the vision and everything else have changed, so before Small Consummation, no matter how much you cultivate, it will be in vain.”
Mo Chen smiled and Heizi continued to attack. Although Mo Chen looked like a gentle old man, from the chess playing point of view, he had a fierce style and had no idea what