ked at Zhang Jian with gleaming eyes at this moment, pondered slightly, and said calmly.

“Sir, you have a great talent. You should have seen the predicament of our country. We have built a vast country, and the people are prosperous. However, more than 90% of the wealth is in the hands of aristocratic families from all over the country. Instead, the people have lost it. The land was displaced, so that every once in a while there would be refugees on the land rebelling and trying to overthrow the imperial court. For this reason, the imperial court had to open the treasury and take out the treasury money every once in a while to try to quell the rebellion. Repeatedly, the imperial court’s national power was never able to increase. And the people’s poverty cannot be changed, but the aristocratic families are getting bigger and bigger day by day. I dare to ask, sir, what can I do to reverse this trend and transform Daqian!”
It can be said that he gave Zhang Jian a big problem as soon as he came up.
This is a king bomb.
A bad answer will cause a lot of trouble.
If it were an ordinary minister, it would be a no-brainer.
Zhang Jian looked thoughtful, also considering the intentions of Emperor Jingwu.
In fact, Zhang Jian has naturally thought about this problem and has many solutions in his mind, but no matter which solution, there will be huge backlash.
Moreover, the Zhang family is now part of the gentry itself and has no reason to betray their own class.
But then again.
/If Daqian Chaotang can deal with the wealthy families in advance, even if it weakens the power of the wealthy families, it will be a good thing for the Zhang family to gain power in the future.
Daqian will bear the risk, and the Zhang family can harvest the results later.
Thoughts flashed through my mind.
Zhang Jian pondered for a moment and then said.
“Reporting to Your Majesty, the aristocratic family is the cornerstone of the court, and it can easily lead to disasters. Your Majesty, please think twice before you act!”
Emperor Jingwu looked at Zhang Jian and said in a deep voice.
“Mr. Zhang, there are only three of you and me here. You can talk freely. I promise you in the name of the Emperor that the words you and I say will never fall into the ears of a fourth person!”
“Please sir, teach me!”
Zhang Jian glanced at Emperor Jingwu and said in his heart, I believe your lies.
/Zhang Jian still replied:
“Your Majesty, the way to govern a country must first follow the example of the ancestors and innovate the existing laws. The most important problem for the court at present is that land annexation is becoming more and more serious, wealth is being lost, and the country is impoverished. As the saying goes, change will lead to poverty, and change will lead to generalization!”
Needless to say, the harm of land annexation to the court was not only that all the wealth flowed into the hands of those wealthy families, but also that the wealthy families wanted people and money, and even the court sometimes did not dare to take action against the