e and try it with Lin and Zhanzhiliu, and you will be stunned by the pineapple cover.

Lu Bei entered the customs with Deng Jiugong and asked Deng Chanyu to gather with her parents. The next day, he ordered all his troops to go south and went straight to Nandu.
/According to the geographical layout, the territory of the two hundred princes led by Nanbohou E Chongyu was located in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, bordering Xiqi and Donglu. If the Chinese army entered directly, there was a possibility of being outflanked by both sides.
In the same way, taking Nandu can also outflank Xiqi and Donglu. Especially for Xiqi, as long as the Nandu is captured, Xiqi’s army can easily cut off Xiqi’s grain and grass logistics after passing the five passes.
In the original timeline, the reason why Xiqi’s army had no scruples was because King Zhou killed Jiang Huanchu and E Chongyu, imprisoned Ji Chang, and rebelled in the southeast, giving Xiqi a natural ally.
I don’t mean to say this, but when the king’s army went south, and the imperial commander personally marched, the two hundred princes were frightened, and they collapsed without fighting when they met the king’s army.
Anyone who resisted orders and refused to surrender as the army passed by was beaten head-on, until even my mother could not recognize her.
Occasionally, when Lu Bei got interested, he would meet the enemy generals, but they would all disappear without a trace after punching him.
In the world of Fengshen, all the mortal generals are brave enough to be worthless. If you pick one at random and throw it at other crew members, it will be a dimension-reducing blow at the level of the Overlord of Western Chu.
There are many cases of mortal military generals beheading Qigong practitioners.
For example, Huang Tianxiang, at a young age, beat his father Huang Feihu just like beating his son.
The entire Huang family, including veteran Huang Gun, was beaten to the point of crying.
But having said that, military commanders still have to look at who the opponent is when killing cultivators. If it were the second leader of Jiejiao, there would be no possibility of the weak defeating the strong. The army pushed forward all the way, and it only took ten days to reach the southern capital of E Chongyu. hometown.
If it hadn’t been for setting up camp on the way to make rice, and Lu Bei and Deng Chanyu spending a lot of time traveling around, it wouldn’t have taken five days at all.
It can be seen from this how fast the rebels knelt down along the way. Almost as soon as they arrived at the city gate, they raised their flags to show their loyalty. The small princes put all the blame on E Chongyu, saying that he Feudal superstition was promoted and the customs of the Southland were ruined.
Nanbohou E Chongyu was so panicked that the king personally marched. What kind of treatment was this? The whole family, old and young, all turned around, and there were no relatives at the banquet.
The eldest son E Shun was dissatisfied: “Father, don’t worry, my mast