ed beautiful woman to hide in the grass beside the road.

The two of them were crawling in the grass. Zhu Peng was well dressed, but Gan Baobao, who was completely naked, was suffering. The soft leaves of the grass beneath her body were gently scraping against her body, due to the intense double cultivation. She had sensitive skin, and at this slight touch, the pleasure of an electric shock quickly spread throughout her body.
The gorgeous woman twisted her body uneasily, but all the grass under her body began to rub against her sensitive body.
Just when she didn’t know what she was doing, Zhu Peng, who was pressing down on her unceremoniously, put a big hand on her soft and elastic buttocks, and slowly kneaded and massaged her, fully feeling her soft, cold but tender buttocks. The elastic and moving body, the breathing that had just calmed down slightly due to the catharsis, couldn’t help but become heavy again.
Lying on the plump back of the flower-like beauty, Zhu Peng put his lips to her ear and his hot breath blew her earlobes constantly: “What’s wrong? Is the little bitch excited when she sees someone coming?” The Art of Language , constant humiliation, breaking through his inner defense line, turning him into a puppet flesh weapon outside of his will.
Compared to Yun Zhonghe, who is a purely lustful fool, although Zhu Peng has only used the Five Dragons Evil Arts for the first time, he has gradually understood the essence of it. The seven evil powers chosen by his Purple Soul Sky Eyes It’s the pupil of desire. Although Zhu Peng doesn’t show it very obviously on weekdays, in fact, he always has a burning desire in this regard in his heart. If he doesn’t show it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It’s just because of his strong willpower and strong pressure.
At this moment, when lust can be linked to practice, Zhu Peng’s state of being a pervert, which can be said to be rare in ten thousand years: an expert in human body art, finally shines with astonishing beauty.
“No it’s not!”
Not sure whether it was stimulation or shame, Gan Baobao clenched her teeth and argued helplessly. However, following the man’s words, she felt that her body was getting hotter and softer inexplicably.
“Oh, really?”
/Zhu Peng’s hand slowly reached into the beauty’s crotch, the soft petals were trembling, and the electric current of pleasure completely melted the lower body.
Being held tightly by the hands behind her, she almost cried out in her throat. The hot fingers had slowly extended from the delicate and sensitive lips into the depths of her legs. Zhu Peng’s thumb touched along the gap. On the key joints above.
“Oh” Gan Baobao’s most sensitive and vital part was occupied by Zhu Peng’s fingers, and his core was rubbed and pinched. His body naturally trembled like an electric shock, and he kept letting out thin and silky moans.
At the same time, Zhu Peng and the black and gray dragon-shaped energy clinging to her body were spinning faster and faster, maintaining their passionate movements. However, Zhu Peng’