sing Array and the Spirit-Sealing Platform Rune Array, Wang Meng’s spiritual consciousness could also make corresponding adjustments. After this seal, there will be no Spirit Suppressing Formation in the future. Wang Meng can also seal the third-turn True Essence Beast, and Wang Meng’s success rate is much higher than relying on these external objects.

In the Zhongqian Realm, everything here relies more on various formations, true essence beasts and other external objects to improve oneself to the greatest extent. Although Wang Meng is not bad in this aspect, he still feels that his own strength is the real strength. , but this time due to innate limitations, we must work hard on the True Essence Beast.
If Wang Meng’s idea were known to other spirit masters, they would probably vomit blood and directly suppress it with their minds. This is something only an immortal master can do. Of course, using Wang Meng’s soul to do such a thing is actually killing a chicken with a sledgehammer. Okay, it’s not enough for outsiders.
Zhan Yingluo’s eyes gradually became deep, and she stared closely at Wang Meng’s every move.
That trash seems to really want to seal the True Essence Beast
Mu He Xiaoyu was also looking at Zhan Yingluo. She thought she would immediately teach Wang Meng a lesson. Unexpectedly, Zhan Yingluo seemed to have calmed down her breathing. Instead, she stared at Wang Meng with a smile on her lips. This smile was definitely not because of peace, but because of peace. The wait after extreme anger.
/Revenge has been waiting for so long, and it is obvious that Wang Meng cannot be let go so easily.
What kind of world is this? Even this kind of trash dares to control spirits, and it is still at such a high level!
Su Xueyou on the side is also looking forward to it, because Wang Meng can really control the formation, now he just waits for verification.
But the light of the formation gradually dissipated, and Wang Zhenren clapped his hands.
“Haha, Brother Su, thank you very much.”
Wang Meng always felt that something was not right there. Brother Su had such a big chest, the name was a bit strange.
/“Ah, you won’t seal it?” Su Xueyou, who was still eager for the next step, was also stunned. He thought Wang Meng was here to seal the True Essence Beast.
There are many people here, and Wang Meng has no intention of showing off here. Moreover, when he returns to Bai’s house, he can slowly experience it and avoid trouble at the same time.
“Wang Rencai, how can we not meet each other in life!” Seeing Wang Meng coming down, Zhan Yingluo stopped Wang Meng.
Wang Meng was stunned for a moment. The girl in front of him was really angry. Even if she was knowledgeable, she was definitely the best.
Seeing Wang Meng looking at her in a daze, Zhan Yingluo bit her lip and became angry. She forgot about any plans to insult her and cut it with one palm.
Master Wang gave in subconsciously, “Girl, I don’t seem to have offended you. You can’t hit me just because I’m handsome.”
“You, you don’t remember me!”
Zhan Yingluo almost