ated as excellent rather than talented. However, in another system of controlling spirits that Wang Meng himself thought about, Zhan Yingluo could It can be called the best selection.

However, Wang Meng didn’t think too much. He could feel that Zhan Yingluo cared about him and really regarded him as a friend. Wang Zhenru had always reciprocated the love with a drop of water.
Of course, for Zhan Yingluo, it was a huge shock to accept the system that Wang Zhen joined. Fortunately, the spirit control skills she had been exposed to in the past were only the basics, and it is not too difficult to reverse it now.
The learning and communication here is very enjoyable, and the topic about Wang Meng is spreading a lot outside Haojing.
After Wang Meng “returned” to Haojing, although he did not deliberately make a high profile, everything he did seemed to be extraordinary, especially the waste in the past. Now Jingran has reached a state like the Earth Wheel Realm, and he is still in it. In the family competition, he defeated a young talent like Wang Hanyao.
This is simply unbelievable, especially some of the children within the Wang family. They always feel that Wang Meng has the feeling of a hidden dragon flying around, especially those who have offended Wang Rencai in the past. They are a little panicked, in case Wang Meng really rises in the family. , what should they do? In the past, they squeezed out Wang Meng, but they were even more ruthless than outsiders. After all, this involved family competition.
At this moment, news came that Wang Meng had been seriously injured and was likely to become useless from now on!
The bones and tendons were all broken into pieces, and the flesh was cut off several layers. It can be seen that although there are alchemists who can heal the skin injuries, the bones and bones can only be treated by the alchemy master.
/Unfortunately, Wang Xueyi was taken away for seclusion by the Alchemy League at this time. At this time, no Alchemy Grandmaster would help Wang Meng. After all, Wang Rencai relied on an elder aunt in the past to do mischief in the Alchemy League. Alliance, Wang Rencai has a reputation as a ghost who is disgusted by what he sees.
If the muscles and veins are injured and not treated in time, the root cause of the disease will inevitably fall in the future. No matter how well the follow-up maintenance is, the cultivation will regress and you will never be able to take a step further on the path of cultivation. In short, you will become a waste.
In the Yaoxiang Tower in Haojing, in a separate courtyard, a group of Wang family members gathered together to chat and drink. On the side, the girls from Yaoxiang Tower were sitting upright, without the slightest hint of flirtatiousness, just waiting for the guests to come in. Food and drinks.
Of course, this is just superficial. After drinking, there will naturally be other programs.
At this time, Wang Yi, the concubine of the Wang family, drank a glass of wine, slapped the glass on the table, and said: “I have found the sourc