be the qualification bridge recorded in the classics.”

Only by having a good enough original aura can these strange beasts not attack, otherwise they will all die.
“There should be the Dragon Tomb ahead.”
As they were about to arrive at the Dragon Tomb, everyone’s eyes shone with excitement. Of course, Ji Rushan was the exception. If this was true, he would be excluded.
With Ji Rushan’s qualifications from the Tianhong Sect, can’t he still pass this level? ? ?
The distance was constant, but Akito reached the other side smoothly without any incident.
Holy Light Demonic Collapse, no one has any idea to compare it with it.
The second one came up was Lin Jinghao. As soon as Lin Jinghao came up, there was a lot of white light in the void, but it was not attacking Lin Jinghao, but forming a complete bridge, as if welcoming Lin Jinghao home.
Jiuyao Qinglong body has the breath of dragon.
It is said that at the beginning of the birth of the world, all the small thousand worlds were together. The dragons, monsters, and humans were all ancestors. It was only when they knew what happened that everything was broken.
It even broke up the Small Thousand Realms and turned them into separate spaces one by one, resulting in the current situation.
But these things are too far away for humans, who do not have the lifespan of dragons and monsters.
Lin Jinghao successfully reached the other side.
Glancing at Ling Fei, Ling Fei shook her head slightly and Bu Qingyun collapsed. The young master of the Qingyun Sect was still quite arrogant. Sure enough, the pumice stone was very stable. Although there was no exaggerated performance like Lin Jinghao, Bu Qingyun also reached the other side smoothly.
As soon as Bu Qingyun arrived, before Yi Fan could step out, Ye Haitian had already stepped onto the pumice stone. The master of Xieyi Sect obviously wanted to try it. He had been waiting for a long time.
In an instant, the pumice under his feet turned into streaks of white light and headed towards Ye Haitian. Ye Haitian sneered, jumped up and flew towards the other side. It was too late for Wang Meng and others to stop him.
In an instant, the void seemed to turn into a sea of ??white light, and countless rays of light rushed towards Ye Haitian.
/Ye Haitian gritted his teeth and held out his life weapon – the sea and sky flag, and instantly it was as if there was an ocean around him. The waves were surging into the sky, the energy was radiating, and countless white lights were blocked.
“Ye Haitian, come back quickly!” Yi Fan shouted.
Ye Haitian was willing to sacrifice his life weapon just to rush to the other side, and he didn’t want to give up halfway.
Hai Tian Yise Lingqi desperately resisted the impact of the alien beasts, and the alien beasts bit madly, and gradually cracks seemed to appear in the sea.
Even if there was just a crack, a strange beast got in. Ye Haitian already had a strange beast bite him in the eye.
The speed was so fast that it was unimaginable. Ye Haitian quickly dodged past, but this gap was the begin