dless. Endless darkness, accompanied by deathly silence.

Not to mention the True Essence Beast, a human monk would go crazy.
What’s more, there was a dark dragon waiting nearby. The dark dragon was quite energetic. Even in this situation, it still did not attack immediately. This is a characteristic of shadow creatures.
There was a smile on the corner of Wang Meng’s mouth. Darkness and despair will never be the opponent of the church members.
The big man in the darkness showed no signs of panic, and the Domineering Universe Stick was turning slightly.
/Finally, the dark dragon couldn’t hold back and launched an attack. It opened its huge mouth and rushed towards the big man, but there was no sound in the darkness. When it saw that it was approaching the big man, the Domineering Qiankun Stick burst out with a bang.
The Xiongba Qiankun stick hit the dark dragon in the middle, directly blasting the dark dragon into two pieces.
Liang Xiansheng was stunned. Is this okay? luck?
/The broken bodies of the dark dragon slowly merged together in the shadow, and began to swim around the big body.
This shadow monster has its own way of survival, and pure physical attacks are not very effective.
After wandering around for a few times, Dark Dragon launched another attack without belief. The slightly swaying stick straightened again, and with a backhand strike, Dark Dragon was knocked out again.
The Dark Dragon’s body was shattered, but it quickly reorganized. The shadow space obviously couldn’t seal the big one, and the big one seemed to be helpless against the Dark Dragon, even with all his strength, he couldn’t solve it.
If the Golden Horned Ape has a flaw, it is that it is not a true elemental beast that is good at magic. It is born with divine power and combined with divine weapons, it is indeed brave enough for one man to stand in front of ten thousand men, but its cultivation of all things is infinitely broad.
Liang Xiansheng believes in the truth that there is no invincible individual, but there is an invincible team!
Although the big one can deal with shadow spells, the dark dragon is still helpless.
Liang Xiansheng was paying attention to Wang Meng, but he couldn’t see any anxiety on this young man’s face. How could he disguise it so well?
The ape-like True Essence Beast lacks patience and is easily agitated, but the big one is not. Although the attack has no effect, it still attacks meticulously.
At first, the Tower King Beast used its beast element to forcefully explode five shadow monsters, but it was obvious that those dark creatures had extremely low IQs and were stuck in the devouring stage. But this dark dragon is completely different, or maybe it is the Liang family’s. Taming is completely different. It will not covet the big man’s true energy. This dark dragon is cunning and sharp and will not give the big man a chance to discover its own weaknesses.
What’s more, its weakness can only be dealt with by human monks, not monkeys.
The attacks of both sides were very cautious, and their auras wer